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Carlo Franco. I hear good things.
It gives me some joy that the zombie known as Brett Favre may finally be done and that his soul has been transported into Peyton Manning.
Thanks man. Somehow I completely missed your earlier post.
Flat front pants - Sorry, I was born with a dick and I need it to fit in my pants The prejudice against black shoes - Can't we all just get along? Suspenders - I don't hate them but I don't like them either
Rotors and a head gasket for the POS car I drive.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. This is what I've never understood... I think this guy generally looks pretty good but shouldn't guys that work or own classic mens clothing shops look pretty darn good. Don't you think if you were surrounded by this stuff you'd almost fall into looking sharp? Have you not seen pictures of Alan Flusser? Guy looks homeless half the time. To be truthful, I think Hirofumi looks better than Kamoshita...
Quote: Originally Posted by gort One of the reasons you love J. Crew is Michelle Obama? I laughed out loud that when the OP noted Michelle Obama enjoyed J. Crew. Nothing quite like the endorsement of a middle-aged unattractive woman to move clothes to men.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I haven't seen anything this good since Savini's remake of NOTLD. I'm struggling to determine whether you're being sarcastic or actually enjoyed Savini's remake...because that movie was fecking awful.
Perhaps I misheard but Harrow did speak fairly casually about murdering the Italian brothers' mother and dentist brother in an attempt to draw them out, didn't he?
I was wondering why my Desire Z was eating battery like I eat bacon and until today: Wifi. I was under the impression that if you weren't in range of a wifi connection that you had previously set up, it would only occasionally search and shut off immediately (at least that's what I understood about Froyo) and consume little power. So with that in mind I leave wifi on, go to work and I would literally be sitting at 60 per cent power by noon (no wifi at work) -- just five...
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