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Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue meh. +1. I wanted to be enthused by this but $2K seems a bit much for this couch.
I got rid of my BMW 328i and Nissan Sentra and bought a Jeep Patriot (this past Wednesday actually): I really loved the BMW, but it was not great in snow, really hated the Nissan because ate money (repairs) like I eat bacon. Not surprisingly I've gotten grief for "downgrading" to a Jeep from a BMW.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith Good for you. I stand by my previous statements. If reliability is your only metric then you have a pretty long list of rifles to pick from. I would think balancing various criteria would be far more wise. That said, I step back slightly from calling them all pieces of shit. I actually didn't mind the SKS.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith Ummm, yes, I have. There is no reason to have tack driving accuracy for this use we are talking about. And an AK variant is relatively short and light compared to most other rifles with equivalent or better firepower. AK's are incredibly effective tools. If you have ever shot or held one you would agree. Sorry for the lateness of this reply, I haven't been on SF in a few weeks. I've fired...
Jeep Patriot. Might not be as flashy as my old BMW, nor as sweet as my sister's X5, but I love the damned thing already.
A not entirely horrible essay arguing that the writers didn't seem to know what they wanted to do with the characters.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith I would want a fairly short lightweight rifle with high capacity magazines and the capability to select semi automatic fire. That means that it fires once each time the trigger is pulled. A fully automatic rifle uses up too much ammunition and is hard to control on full auto. An AK-47 type rifle or variant of an M-16 would be fine. Ummm, have you ever fired an AK-47? Accuracy isn't exactly one of its...
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera Sigh. It saddens me when men will not wear bowed calf or patent Alberts with their black tie. Lace up shoes dumb down the look considerably. Agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt S I would assume this jacket has no vents, which also dates it, though some prefer the vent-less look. Dates it to what? Any time during the past century?
Tom Brady has long been known for being interested in clothes/fashion/style...not a surprising choice there. Good choice in Roger Federer as well. David Beckham has always been hit or miss with me. Sometimes the guy looks incredible and other times he looks like a chav made good.
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