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Old thread on this very topic: To be truthful, as dubious as some of the prescriptions in this guide are, it would probably easily improve the average dress of employees anywhere, let alone UBS.
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA This forum is full of insecure salesmen who labor under the fantasy that carrying a briefcase makes them look important. It doesn't. Nobody cares how you transport your stuff to work. If a backpack is the only thing that works with your back, then use a backpack. There are specific brands mde for people with back problems, I'd try one of those. Son, least it need to be said yet again, this is styleforum....
Quote: Originally Posted by HERCULES 2. I always shave. I'm surprised I forgot this one. I can't even consider leaving the house unshaven.
Quote: Originally Posted by cufflinked it's just I wanted to save a bit of my back, since some days involve sitting in front of the computer for 10+ hours It's off-topic but like you I have back problems (lower) and I sit at a desk in front of a computer for at least 9 hours a day. If I can suggest anything, look up ergonomic resources on the web and properly set up your chair, desk and computer. It makes a difference.
Rather sad but if we can take some solace it's that he lived two lifetimes with all his experiences at a young age.
I wanted to say no but reflecting on the question it occurred to me that I shine my shoes religiously, iron my shirts, I like everything tucked in and squared away and I keep my hair reasonably short. Fecking infantry ruined me.
Quote: Originally Posted by cufflinked I don't think it's that bad wearing a backpack with business attire... As others have said, you think wrong. Unfortunately, you have already eliminated messenger bags, brief cases and attaches so I'm not sure what's left to you.
This week a new head unit for the Jeep which apparently does CD/MP3/GPS/DVD/TV and God knows what else, a new .7 mm Rotring mechanical pencil, some handmade notebooks from Italy, wallet and a new fountain pen. That and the clothes made for an expensive, but satisfying, week. I would post pics but I am lazy and who really wants see pics of that lame stuff...
[quote=hjenn;4419228] Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko I don't think anyone is looking for software that will pick an outfit for them...QUOTE] I am. Being colorblindn makes putting together an outfit a pain. I can understand that. Like a lot of men I have problems with greens, browns and greys.
Believe me, when I started ordering from KW when he first launched his company I thought one or two pocket squares and I'd be done. It's like a drug...except a very pretty drug.
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