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Quote: Originally Posted by Gauss17 Has anyone found a shoe polish they deem to be good and non-toxic? Once I stopped eating it or going as Al Jolson for Halloween my problems stopped. I suggest the same for you.
About the only issues argued about more on SF in the seven or so years I've been here have been the appropriateness of black suits (and we're about due for a new thread on that) and brown shoes (I think we've settled that one). And over the years some have argued we can blame it on the Boomers, economic factors, designers, retailers, Silicon Valley, Bill Clinton's loose WH dress code (and now Obama I suppose), the death of bespoke, an increasingly casual culture, and a...
Quote: Originally Posted by scooby-doo Just paid $12 for pants alteration, but paid penance this morning by sewing on button on khaki trousers. To go all lawyer on this, alterations are maintenance so you're still alright
SF group think is a lot like what my father spreads on his garden in the spring. It can be useful but it also stinks much of the time. Ventless may be out of fashion but it is never out of style. It's a look that goes back at least seven decades and had its foremost practitioner in Cary Grant. Like others have said, if done right it looks spot on, if done poorly it looks like hell. That said, you can say the same thing about single and double vents. Myself, I go with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Truth: Most people will not notice your lapels, per se, but some might notice that you look different or somehow more trendy without realizing why. IF your interviewer can be negatively swayed by that, then that could be bad. Why take the risk? I'm not usually one to tell people not to dress how they want but I have to agree on this. If you need a job, which is presumably why you're at an interview, why...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMayle and this: Dude, I have tickets to the Bears home opener against the Falcons in September...I would wear that. In fact, what size is it, if you're willing to sell it?
After an expensive April I commit myself to the NPC for May. I will repair and do maintenance, and do spring cleaning while I'm at it. That and buy not a damned clothing related item. As for what to deny myself for a month...it will be my favourite blue gingham shirt. This I swear.
Not a single bloody thing...no worthy ties, shirts, shoes, sports jackets or suits. This is what I get for living in an industrial town where dressing up is running shoes, chinos and a golf shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy I had my semi-serious face on. Hey, like I said, I associate them with prep wear and I think it's hard to do right. They're shirts. Don't over think it.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy These polos seem interesting, but I have historically not been a polo wearer. Under what circumstances am I supposed to wear this and not feel corny? I wear mine at rub and tugs. That way I don't come across as too formal and they can come off quickly for when it's time for business. Quote: Originally Posted by softy Please post inspirational photos. It's almost impossible to...
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