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Quote: Originally Posted by softy I don't know if pear pie is a thing, I was just thinking of what is the "apple equivalent" that I like. If you replaced the apples with pears it would be functionally the same thing... right...??? It is a thing. Quote: Originally Posted by softy Quite a derail we got going here. Yeah, I`m sure someone is going to start crying soon. Hmmm, let`s see. I really like wearing...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy Oh, I should mention that I don't like apples. You're like the soldier who stabbed Jesus while he was on the cross. Quote: Originally Posted by softy Pear pie, on the other hand, I could strongly support. Hmmm, never had it. I`ll have to try it.
We're not white trash. Fuck, I've never even eaten meatloaf. We're talking about apple pie.
That is a good combination but softy has a problem with apple pie. This is serious.
Have you tried apple and rhubarb pie? It's pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Don't match your orange tie and don't wear a white TV fold. What exactly is wrong with the TV fold? It's as American as apple pie and native born presidents.
I'm almost afraid to ask: Is this a tuxedo shirt or just some white shirt you're trying something with?
Only one thing can save the world from the scourge of Kenneth Cole and its shoes:
Trouser cuffs. I have to ask since no one else is, but where are you wearing this white dinner jacket?
My condolences on your loss.
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