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Late to the sign up but I haven't bought anything since April so I'm still good. I'm in for June.
This thread may have actually heralded the end of SF.
Part A So far, so good. To be truthful, I don't even feel the urge to buy anything clothing related. I'll probably be joining June's NPC as well. Part B I have done spring cleaning, repair and I'm going through everything with an eye to reducing the wardrobe. Did sports jackets and tomorrow it's time to weed out the pants. Part C I have a coveted shirt that I have not touched this month. Part D No infidelities. It's fecking clothes man, if you can't go a month...
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake What do you guys think about the current Wrangler? How good is it in the snow during the winter? Jeeps are God's proof of love for mankind. That said, I've heard that of all the Jeeps, Wranglers are the worst in the snow (perhaps excepting the Compass...I dont know much about that model). Wrangler owners tell me that other Jeep models they've driven in snow tend to out perform the Wrangler. Not what you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kitontini What's the point of having working buttons if you're not going to use them? As a rationalization that doesn't even make sense.
There was an article recently in some magazine -- could have been GQ -- which surveyed a number of manufacturers on their sizes in relation to a measuring tape and the variance between the designer closest and the one farthest was surprisingly large. All OTR off course.
Just bought an Acer A500 tablet and absolutely loving it. Consider me one of those converted to tablets who wasn't sold on them in the past.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Is it the thinness that makes it fit the breast pocket? It's made for the back pocket but it is thin enough to go into the breast pocket of a sports jacket or suit coat -- which is where I do put it on occasion -- without an unsightly bulge. Like I said, I don't like to carry much -- some currency, driver's licence, health card, one credit card, debit card and one or two others -- so practically any...
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 I have no problem with your premise but the Canute reference is something of a pet peeve -- it was Canute's fawning retinue that were the target of the bit by the shore; he did it to demonstrate their folly, not his own. /pedantry I stand corrected sir and thank you for the pedantry.
Small thin wallet with six slots for cards and one bill section. Forces me to carry only what I actually need, not that I was ever in danger of the Costanza wallet.
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