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 OMG I am not alone... just ordered 8 pairs... my wife is going to kill me...
Hello guys,   I am going to spend two weeks in Orlando next month (Kissemmee area, of course ). Unfortunately there is no AE outlet around so I wonder if someone could recommend a good source for discounted/second Allen Edmonds shoes. I did a search by myself last year, but have not been successful. Thanks for each and every advise.
      Full ack. At least in Europe wingtips are considered as one of THE dress shoes.
Oh, well, yes: Any special offers around?
I'd suggest a different method of lacing, e.g. straight european lacing or sawtooth lacing ->
I'd love to have that, but unfortunately no. That caused me to have several try-and-error attempts even though I do know my exact size for e.g. Cambridge. You can't even be sure that a different model made on the same last would fit the same.
Patriot, of course.
First and foremost, thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts.   It would probably help a lot if I would know the exact measurement differences (especially regarding the width) between 11.0E, 11.5D and 11.5E, unfortunately for whatever reason not even the Lady from AE had been able to provide me with this information.
May I add the remark that there is no (really not any) store in Germany which even carries the Patriot, not to mention any other width than E. I therefore have to get as close as I can to the correct size, since shipping costs U.S.<->Germany are really huge, so I would by all means try to avoid sending back a pair of shoes which do not fit. The bit of additional length I would need is only regarding the forefoot (toes) btw.   AE service recommended to go half up, i.e....
Exactly my thoughts. However, it does look like a MacNeil to me, too. Pretty strange...
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