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This popular movement seems based on no one person thinking at all. You also seem overruled by those who find it distasteful. A popular movement is carried by popular opinion and the consensus is that what you're posting is crap.
If you think all these interiors look good I question your taste. If you think that house looks good, your taste sucks.
Way too much crap all over the place.
9D UK/10 US walnut if anyone feels like sending a pair on to Sweden.
They don't frikkin ship internationally due to low stock. DAMN IT.
Coffee table book about coffee tables.         That turns into a coffee table.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be coming back to Ireland so I will be making use of them.   I do love the outdoors, music, meat and potatoes. I'll be drinking whiskey instead of beer though but I'm willing to try guinness.   I've found a nice service that offers a busride out to cliffs of moher. It makes stops along the way which means I'll be seeing a fair bit of the countryside. That and some less touristy pubs.
That is freaking ridiculous. Good luck man!
I'll mostly be flirting with the receptionists and playing piano in the lobby if I can manage learning a song or two before November.
No license I'm afraid, otherwise I would've definitely without even need for suggestion gone on a drive through the country. Cross your fingers for the beautiful irishwoman.
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