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shoulder size?
Purchased Black Fleece spring skinny tie, looking forward to it
Do the Benjamin Classico II suits ever go on sale? I love the one I have but can't yet justify picking up the other two colors - but would like to.
Posted a couple of months ago with some questions:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/69315/www-ehaberdasher-com-affiliate-page/2235   Just to close the loop here: Got the Benjamin Classico II in 34R and it awesome. I don't have a lot of suit experiences, but it is very slim and looks great without being constricting, some kind of crazy magic happening there. Slight tailoring needed in the jacket. The trousers had to be let out in the waste as far as they would go -- and are...
I just learned about eHaberdasher via this Reddit thread and was just about to pull the trigger on a Suit Supply Napoli in 34r -- I've tried it on, and loved it. My previous suits (a Joseph Abboud and a Hugo Boss, both purchased about 10 years ago) are pretty boxy on my very slim frame (140lbs, 5' 11")   I'm excited about paying just a little more for a fully canvassed suit and something from a smaller retailer/shop, looking at the Benjamin navy. Question is: should I...
I'm wearing those same 3Sixteens right now (size 31 even!) and they are amazeballs. Excellent price for heavyweight raw denim.
 Thanks for the response, appreciate it. The Grant had a pretty decent fit -- but still not quite as slim as I would like. I didn't like the fabric color in person, so returned it. The Made in USA navy cotton blazer I'm keeping -- it is slim and almost-too-short, but OK. Button stance is a little high, but I think I can live. The fabric is seersucker (which was news to me -- I don't think was specified on the website) but has some cool texture to it. Doesn't have maker...
I'd love some help/advice on fit. I'm looking at the "Grant" wool trousers -- both the normal "wool" and the "Italian wool". I'm looking for a slim a fit as possible (I'm 5' 10" and about 135lbs) but I couldn't find additional measurements on these trousers. Any comments on the rise or how slim they are through the thigh and leg?   I'm also interested in the Made in USA Cotton Blazer in 36R, but again, wondering how boxy it will be. Any advice? Thanks!
I'll need to return this by Monday if no one wants it. Let me know if you are interested!
Picked this up at the Norse Store flash sale, but too large for my 135lb 5' 10" self. Looking to make back what I spent on it and shipping, so $100 shipped to US.   I can return it, but don't want the hassle of international shipping, etc, would rather sell it to someone here. If no interest here, I'll return it over the next couple of days. Retails for $200+ according to https://svpply.com/item/185278/Telemark_knit.   Really chunky knit cardigan in deep blue, make it...
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