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Hi all, lurker but not a poster, but would appreciate any opinions from people who've dealt with this before.   I’ve had a buyer file a chargeback for unauthorised payment for a jacket he bought last month. The guy paid for the jacket + delivery costs, but I suggested that since he lived near to me we might as well do collection in person.   He agrees and we meet, I hand over the jacket. He kept me waiting around for a while, so says it's fine for me to keep the...
A  fully handmade, bespoke suit from one of Savile Row's most respected houses Commissioned in 2010, with contemporary cut and iconic shoulder shape In super versatile navy herringbone, single breasted, 2 button, RRP minimum £3K   A fully bespoke suit from Gieves & Hakwes, No. 1 Savile Row, that got a surprising lack of love from eBay. Not to be confused with their occasionally ropey Ready Made or Off the Rack suits, Gieves & Hawkes' bespoke operation is held in high...
Some interesting new arrivals at Mr Porter, a Grenson x Foot the Coacher collaboration. The black and ivory suede's a bit fancy dress for me. The last two pairs are apparently inspired by a Ye Olde football boot design, but I'm not loving the strap in front of the toecap.   £475 a pop, so... yeah. Not sure what else to say about that. Might give it a shot come sale time.   
That box looks terribly fake. For comparison, a photo of one of my boxes on the left.   Font and logo on the wallet one look off, it's missing the "Fauborg Saint-Honore Paris" underneath, and the box seems to lack the grain of the real one.          Unless of course I've got the fake and the real one is worse made. Or it's a real wallet in a fake box. Depends on how benefit of the doubty you want to get. 
  Loooong time thread lurker, those are actually my AS Miller boots. Nice things, but damned if they're not completely the wrong shape for my feet.    On a less self-plugging note, a decent looking pair of JL Ashill's, UK 9.5, BIN £350. Seem to be in good nick, but they look a tad blobby. Not sure if that's just the photos or what. Not crazy about the grained leather in that dark brown...
  If you wanted any more confirmation, these are from a Brioni SC I had on eBay a while ago:  
Picked up a beautiful sportcoat from a charity shop. Cut and cashmerey feel are great, and the lining is unusually nicely done. Bit mysteriously, there’s not a single label or logo anywhere on it, and no sign one has been ripped off or removed. Only this embroidered on a patch at the neck. Anybody recognise it?    
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