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I'd also be interested in more recent feedback. Note to any online trouser/slacks vendors reading this post: it would be great if the user could filter the pants by things like rise, thigh measurement, knee measurement, leg opening, etc. 
3m Adhesive Remover is better than the Goof-Off, Goo-Gone, etc, in my experience.
What's you measurements guy? Lots of squats and SLDL or what?
I've gotten asked at every Dry Cleaners I've been to. I get Light Starch on my shirts. I launder my nice shirts at home myself on gentle and iron them myself.
Navy shorts that hit right above the knee.   First things first though partna'. Lose the lbs. and get yourself in shape. You'll be a better and happier man, husband, dad, grandpa, boss, co-worker, buddy.  
Which weight are these?
Anyone up in NYC wanna be a good buddy and make a few bucks and ask some guys here if they want one and get their size and ship it to them here in the US?
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