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To be honest, did not ask for besom. I suppose I could tuck them in or have them removed, and at the same time, have the jacket tapered slightly. What do you suggest?   Thanks for your input.
Yes, I totally agree with your assesment. I have no Idea why the color looks so off in the photos or why the pants look so long. I was really concerned about the pants being too short once I got the suspenders adjusted properly!   I will update again with proper photos.
Sorry all for not updating sooner. I wore it for the first time last night. and compared to what I saw other guys wearing, I was very pleased with the color, fit and finish.    
Sorry for not updating sooner, but life happens and I didn't get around to taking photos until tonight...
Had the first fitting. Really love the color. Will get some photos of the next fitting.
When I was deciding where to purchase my tuxedo, "styleforum" was a big help. So I will pay it forward and provide info on this purchase.   Negotiated a price of approximately $550 dollars for the jacket, pants, shirt/buttons, bow tie and cummerbund. Measured and paid a deposit and asked to return 3 days later. Will update this thread after the fitting.   Pros: Friendly, not pushy. Negotiated on price and materials without hassle. Decided on Midnight Blue wool,...
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