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Wow, I can´t wait for our GMTO to be ready and have those wonderful shoes!  Its only about.... 16 weeks left..... if everything goes according to plan.    Also, has anyone heard from Sarteaga when he will put in the order for the dark brown museum calf GMTO?
Last chance on the OE II Copper suede. PM me ASAP, I´ll order this week.   (Thanks to Leetpuma, copy pasted this almost) Style:                  Suede Semi-brogue (Similar to Vass OE II   Eyelets:              5 eyelet pairs (brown laces) Last:                   Choice of Olfe or Park Lasting:              Hand lasted Upper Leather:   Copper Suede (LM Reverse Calf leather) Lining leather:    Calf Lining colour:     Brown Construction:      GY-2/ Handwelted...
Gentlemen! Since the park last has been unveiled I´d like to send the order to Pepe and get the shoe into production as soon as possible! Act fast if you want in, I´m determined to send the order next week. I´ll be PMing those who shown interest. If you haven't, PM me interest and complete this info for the order: Please fill in the following information:   Full name: Shipping Address:    Street:    City:    Postal code:     County:     Country:  PayPal Email...
Wow that last is everything i wanted it to be! Chiseled but not too much, and sleek yet not the same as new ray! This will be my last for my upcoming GMTO Awesome Great job Terrorsquad and Pepe!!!
I have the same shoe and it looks exacly the same. As someone said earlier, the welt must end somewhere so that is normal. My shoes have had no problems with this design No need to worry if the appearence doesnt put you off!
Morning chaps! Really aching to get more information on the Park last so we can get the GMTOs on thier way! Has anyone heard anything new? @Terrorsquad perhaps?
Yes 25 seems mich but thats what he said they needed in order to source it, too bad tho.Ye 6 is usually the bumber required but my guess is that when they need to source other colours or soles for example the number increases!This GMTO will only contain olfe and park I'm afraid! Pepe is making an exception from the usual one last per order here and I can't tell him we want three diffrent lasts :/ Hope you understand!
Gentlemen! I have good news and bad news! The good news is that I've recived word from Pepe and The semi-brogue copper suede is OK to order! However, if we want the park last we will have to wait a bit! The bad news is that we need 25 orders for the green suede loafer! So I guess thats off since we olny have about 8 interested in that! However, according to Pepe and Meermins Instagram they are introducing an similar loafer in the classic line this summer, so lets look...
I think this is a good comparison between the two suede colours: Snuff in the background and copper at the front
Sorry I didnt respond! Yes there will be two diffrent MTOs then I guess! Seeing as more than 15 people have shpw. Their interest in the Semi-brogue cap toes, I dont think there will be a problem if a fee drops out I agree that the adelaide is sleeker and I'm actually planing another MTO (post summer) for a adelaide in Racing green calf or cognac calf Best luck to everyone that wants to join the adelaide Its probably good that more people want copper suede, will probably...
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