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@Monkeyface @DarkDestiny @EFV Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm pretty happy with the leg openings as I am going for a slim trouser here - I'm a slim guy and the relaxed look is an unflattering silhouette on me IMO. I think you're right about thighs and the length. I'll consider adding some more room in that area on my next order. The strain in the top picture comes from the stance of my leg being forward and probably not enough room in the leg as mentioned.  Monkeyface...
Some more trousers...    
Completely agree. Tried several custom collar styles but the Luxire BD is generally my favourite - nice roll, proportional etc.
some trousers in washed navy twill
Thank you sir! jacket is suitsupply.
Second attempt at a pair of trousers from luxire, definitely more successful second time around. small adjustments to be made but pretty happy overall. wrinkles are from sitting down all day at the office.      
Nice one! fit looks spot-on. I wish SS made more wool/linen blend jackets, great fabric
Hopefully this gives you an idea. Always (happily) surprised that the fabrics are significantly more subtle in real life than the web store.   
I just asked them to adjust for my sloping shoulders. I sent them a message with my pictures and they responded with "We should adjust your shirts for sloping shoulders at the front, by 0.25", and increase the side slope of back panel by additional 0.25" 
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