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  Player's in walnut. If the 2 last agrees with you.
    The closest AE has to a chiseled, "European" last is the 3-333 last.   ex Rutledge
  This is pretty much on the dot. You'll also notice that recently some AE shoes have "Made in the USA of fine imported leather". Example I'm guessing this is a nod to the fact that some initial leather work is done in the DR. My Independence collection shoes only have Made in the USA, without that second part so I'm guessing they fall into the last category.
  This is for firsts right?
Does anyone think that the bowing issue might have to do with AE moving the initial leather work to the Dominican Republic? In the past, the AE collection shoes were completely made in the DR and the regular shoes, completely in the USA. Now, at least some of the made in the USA have "Made in the USA of fine imported leather" stamped on the insole (my Strands have this for example and have slight bowing on only the left shoe). Apparently this is because the company has...
    They look like bowling shoes. Goodyear welted, Made in the USA bowling shoes but still, bowling shoes.
  If you label a shirt as being extra slim, I expect more than a 2-3" drop, which is what CT ESF shirts are.   In my mind   Regular fit = 0-1 inch drop Slim fit = 2-3 inch drop Extra slim fit = 4-6 inch drop   Not to mention the fact that the 15 neck shirts have a 38 inch waist (measured 20cm below armhole). Usually I like my shirts to have 3-4 inches of "room". That would mean I would need a 34" waist. And this is their second smallest size in their slimmest fit.
Depending on the shoe, your planned usage and how you want it to look, you might not out anything on them. A light layer if waterproofing is almost always a good choice but other than that, it's up to you. There's nothing wrong with putting nothing else on and letting it build up a little 'character'.
  Gucci bit loafer   Love it or hate it, there's no doubt that it is iconic.
  I'm in a similar situation and I went with black Strand (firsts) and the burnished walnut Rutledge (seconds) from the Independence Collection. I wanted one black and one brown but I wanted the black to be casual enough to wear to work (business casual) with chinos/wool slacks but could still pair with a suit if necessary.
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