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Haha you made me go back and make sure. No, it's actually just the creases from where it was folded when shipped to me. It only has a central seam.
Hello, Just received my first Chan. Am looking for feedback. Please ignore tie and shirt choices (not intended to match) ;)  
Had my appointment yesterday. Went with this Harrison's Frontier number.
Very cool. Especially that last piece.
Sorry, but this is hilarious.
I'm looking for words to describe the cut and styling of this suit. Halp?
Very nice. I like and will be using as reference.Separate question, does one normally attend these hotel fittings alone, or would it not be unusual to bring along a lady friend, for example, as a second set of eyes?
For those of you that have gone through the traveling hotel measurement, how would you rate the fabric selection? Many? Varied? I've signed up for their upcoming tour and am looking forward to the experience.
Great stuff. Amazing that anyone can pull that off.
Perhaps a step too far. As I say, I quite like the look of them as an object. I just find them odd and showy on people's feet.
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