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I'll be in NY about 1-2 days after the collection is released.  About how fast do these things usually sell out in store? 
@Caustic Man IMO you just  need a pair of good jeans (APC?), some white Vans or something and better sunglasses (more round) :) 
Is the AW15 BDU more TTS?
Are the cinch pants coming back this season? If so what colours? Thanks!
I can never get over dat model. 6'5 and wears medium?! Seriously.
@ThaiToast So effortless...Also skinny guys : take notes.
Guys, what's a good Nike sneaker to actually run (jog) with? Thanks!
@randomn1c Good example of "basic brands" (+ thrift find) done right.
Anyone try on/own that Prince jacket?
@amathew They fit on the bigger size, am I correct? IV=32, V=34, etc..? Can't see any model pics on the Internetz.
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