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Great shop/Great pictures. Do you ship to Canada with USPS? If so, how much?
Hmm I got dinged with duties when I bought Red Wing boots from the US so I'm guessing we do.
True. But the Bureau's prices are also above everyone one else's, even with VAT deduction. Also, customs.
I'm looking to purchase the Bedford jacket in navy at a Canadian store. Everyone seems to have the green version only
Bumping this old thread. Wondering if anyone owned any of his stuff and could comment on the quality (topcoats, shirts, denim jackets). 
Yes do give an update, I'm not in town til next week..bummed I'm missing this!
Has anyone seen the Bedford in other than olive at a Canadian retailer? Thanks!
I like it too. Is this a large? and what are your measurements (weight, height), if I may?
Will there be twill and/or linen Bedfords this season? Not sold on the ripstop fabric...
From reading this forum, I came to the conclusion that EG jackets fit slim/TTS. Baker seems to be most slim, and Bedford is more relaxed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?  When will SS14 Bedford's drop, anyone know?
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