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@Jbravo Thoughts on that Acne bomber? If received!
Are the Leyton's on sale?
Reviving this thread - How do the trousers fit? 34US=50? Ryder, Stan, Phono...I remember @Francks owning a few pairs. Thanks!
Err American retailers regularly charge 40 USD to ship to Canada (52 CAD). So 30 (CAD?) ain't so bad.    That said, I don't buy from retailers charging 35-40 USD shipping to Canada.
Thoughts on the adjacent sweater? size one down?
Is a legit website? They seem to have quiet a bit of designer stuff at design prices.
Don't get at all the skinny jeans + million stacks + bulbous boot look. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
To be fair, thecuff's fits really aren't that bad - that zara suit actually looks good - but that skinny tie has got to go.
@conceptual 4est freakin flawless. Now THAT is how you wear a suit.
@johnh123 which shops? You mean Mercantile? It was pretty picked over the last time I checked but great deals for s or m. Wish they had a bigger selection though....
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