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@Francks you're a beast. I stopped counting the number of topcoats you seem to own.  (Awesome fits)
Canadian customers are the real losers here. Their prices are in US$ so the boots that were in the 600-700ss $CAD last year are now 900-1000 $CAD.  Disappointing.....
Guys, how do the SNS gradient crews and fisherman fit? Do we have to go up a size for a regular fit? Thanks!
How did that turn out? did you go up a size?
How comfortable/well-made are Docs? They seem to be a forum favorite and I like the look of them, but from what I remember they kinda feel like they are made out of cardboard.
How are you the torso's, crew necks etc from this year? up a size? the measurements look TINY.
IMO DDP sucks, increases the price so much. In my experience, small parcels sent to Canada via USPS get dinged a lot less. So another vote for small packages here. :-)   Still, there's no rule. USPS has already charged me up to 40% of the items worth in taxes AND custom and handling fees...
^same. My order (300 euros) delivered with Fedex from Rayon Frais, no fees. Can't explain it either.
Got a fully-declared 300 euro parcel delivered by FEDEX from Europe the other day. No duties/taxes requested. I called FEDEX to ask what's up, and they said if they didn't request it upon delivery, "for an item of that value", they wouldn't be sending me a bill later. I was expecting to get SLAMMED by customs. Now it seems i got a pretty sweet deal. 
My FW14 wool herringbone bedford fits huge, especially in comparison with my SS14 cotton bedford which fits pretty TTS.  I  always kinda wondered if one size down would've fit better. Still a great jacket but gotta embrace the "oversized" look.
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