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Does GravityPope do price adjustments?
Wow Matt pant look skinny slim. Any other EG pants on the slim side?    BTW first FW drop at Indigo and cotton http://indigoandcotton.com/brand/engineered-garments-nyc/
Which EG pants are the most slim fitting?
How do the different models of Mackintosh macs fit? Thanks!
Yay for EastDane. I don't think any US store is as good to us Canadians. Free shipping on ALL orders - and with USPS so no duties (so far, so good). Kopped an OL shirt for 75$
Are those grey wool cinch pants similar to these http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/engineered-garments-wool-cinch-pant.html ?   
@Liszt killing it as always. Is the OL shirt TTS or on the slimmer side? Thanks
Very nice @eluther! Are those Barena pants linen?
10.5 what do you have?
Are the woven Mayflys coming back this year? Can't find anywhere...
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