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Are those grey wool cinch pants similar to these http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/engineered-garments-wool-cinch-pant.html ?   
@Liszt killing it as always. Is the OL shirt TTS or on the slimmer side? Thanks
Very nice @eluther! Are those Barena pants linen?
10.5 what do you have?
Are the woven Mayflys coming back this year? Can't find anywhere...
I love/hate Gravity Pope. Got a few items for very cheap at the very end of the winter sale and their customer service is decent. But their sales start late, they never send codes, they often seem to privilege in-store sales and their website is butt ugly/does not include measurements. Seriously, what is up with their website?!
10 McNairy 10.5 New Balance/Nike 9.5 Red Wing   Should I go for 42 or 43 for CP? Many thanks!
Also, what's everyone's experience with USPS intl fist class mail? Canadians? I bought something from the US and chose that option only to find out later that the tracking is non-existant/unreliable, shipping takes forever, etc.
Have any non-US customers ever ordered something from Steven Alan? What was your experience with customs? Like the Ebay Global shipping program, they have their intl parcels first shipped to some airport in Kentucky.....then shipped out again to your address.
I've been looking for a pair of navy Rosherun for a while. The only ones I see are the "hyp mids" but I only see them in Euro stores. Any chance of finding these (or just navy Rosherun) in Canadian or American retailers? http://www.graffitishop.net/Nike-Rosherun-HYP-Mid-Navy-Wolf-Grey?pid=46&prid=25786
New Posts  All Forums: