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For those of you who got the 13oz herringbone bedford, can you comment on the fit and compare with the fit of other bedfords? Did you take your regular size? Thanks!
Are you a TTS L though?  I feel like I'm always in between sizes with EG ...
 How does the Slanega fit? I'm TTS  large but wondering if I should go for 52. They look very slim in the body.....
@Francks That's the Acne Garrett overcoat right? How'd you find the sizing? TTS?
^ @Portland Dry Goods Are you a Medium in this season's other shirts though?
@ El Squad : IMO fits big, just like last year's classic shirt.
Crescent Down Works does down filled coats that are high quality and cost more or less 500$. Made in the USA.    You might want to check out Penfield for a cheaper alternative.
Yeah, from the measurements the banded collar shirts do look big. Needsupply says 22 inches PtP for the Medium...(!)
That Herringbone Bedford looks great. Does it fit like the SS14 ripstop Bedford? Pit to pit is bigger by an inch...
Did the 34 not fit at all or you preferred the look of the 36 (baggier I suppose)?
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