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Anyone try on/own that Prince jacket?
@amathew They fit on the bigger size, am I correct? IV=32, V=34, etc..? Can't see any model pics on the Internetz.
How did those fit? Curious...
Did you size correctly? Curious about the Amor pants. What waist size are you, if I may? Thanks
Looks amazing on you!
Can someone comment on the fit of the shop coat by Niche or better, provide a fit pic? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/indigo-heavyweight-slubby-chambray-shop-coat.html I like what I'm seeing but don't know much about the brand.   Thank you!
RE ripstop BEdford : how do you wash yours? washing machine? Do you take off the buttons?
Mbaum Fantastic look! Did you size down for the shop coat?
I live in Canada and get regularly charged about 40-45 % of the item's value. Taxes + handling charges + custom fees. And I'm talking about Canada Post. Not worth taking the risk anymore...unless the parcel is undervalued...
Would also love to see the shop coat modeled here! :)
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