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Anyone own any of their topcoats and can comment on sizing, quality, etc? 
Anyone bought this year's topcoat? Very nice and reasonably priced
@conceptual 4est Killing it. Also everything looks good on you.
Thanks @axroox ! Much appreciated. Can you layer under your IV Memory though?
Do the memory and merino fit essentially the same? In terms of chest, sleeve length etc
Too small. You need to be able to layer for your winter coat ESPECIALLY if you're in Canada. It's one of those things you learn the hard way...
Question(s) : does the Memory coat fit huge? A lot of people here seem to have gotten a size too big. Also, would a size VI fit a TTS Large? Thanks!
^Peter, such an excellent, clean look. How'd you find those b1p cords?
Damn dat tweed bedford! Kinda jealous. Got the HB last year and while I love it it lacks the structure the tweed one (probably) has.
^Ya I knew about the Tate&Yoko discount but they've a limited selection and it sells out fast. Wish Viberg did the same discount on their own site! 
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