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@Cotton Dockers Great writeup.  So I understand you sized down on the flannel shirt? The Bureau says TTS but they do look big...
^for anyone else interested, the list of stockists for Truman pants:    Truman Pant   - Navy Wool Uniform Serge Bureau Nepenthes NY Nitty Gritty Trunk clothiers WP Store Brooklyn   - Brown Homespun Frans Boone Gentry Nepenthes NY   - Olive 8W Corduroy Nepenthes NY Superdenim WP Lavori   - Navy 8W Corduroy Fred Segal Trend McKilroy PTY LTD Nitty Gritty Superdenim   - Grey 13oz Wool Herringbone Frans Boone
Disappointed that not many American/Canadian retailers have picked up the cinch or Truman pants. A lot of UK stores have, but the prices...!
@ Shingles, please do. Surprised the grey cinch pants have been picked up by only 4 stores :/
Not a huge fan of the cargo pants. Much prefer the cinch pants (in corduroy or wool). Hoping someone in North America will sell them. But them prices at Haven wow
Can anybody comment on the Ramping pants? End stocks a FW14 flannel pair. 
Does GravityPope do price adjustments?
Wow Matt pant look skinny slim. Any other EG pants on the slim side?    BTW first FW drop at Indigo and cotton http://indigoandcotton.com/brand/engineered-garments-nyc/
Which EG pants are the most slim fitting?
How do the different models of Mackintosh macs fit? Thanks!
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