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^ Yeah, I tend to agree with that. There's a user here who wears his EG with like Margiela zip ups and he makes it work amazingly. Model on Gentry wears EG with Nike Air Force 1s and it's perfect. 
Thanks everyone. I've considered Uniqlo but unfortunately they don't seem to ship to Canada.  If anyone has the (Uniqlo) down vest or shirt, do they fit TTS?
Hi guys, Kind of off topic but where to cop a round collard Montbell vest or shirt to go under my wool bedford? And how to size if I'm a TTS large? The japanese website doesn't seem to have an online store but I may be wrong...
@thewho13  How'd you size that Barena jacket? Want to get the Slanega.... 
Total shot in the dark BUT:   If someone's got a Classic down parka in Large that they'd like to trade for a Medium, msg me!   I have the blue one : http://foundinthefifty.com/classico-down-parka-by-crescent-down-works/
Thanks! Is Fracap any good?
Are there any hiking boots that both look nice and can be used for walking in bad weather (snow,ice)?  Thinking Diemme, Fracap, Paraboot etc maybe? Would love to read some feedback/suggestions.
Has anyone purchased the ultra light compact down vest? And if so, what is the sizing like?
No that guy is around 6'4 maybe more. He works at the Topshop in downtown Montreal...ran into him a few months ago and recognized him from the Rooney website heh. Anyways clothes always seem to fit him awkwardly (sleeves always too short). 
The way @thatoneguy wears his EG is very inspiring and unique. Very stylish dude.
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