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I just saw an amazing pair of washed, 100% cotton D10 jeans with both knees blown out - was very impressed.  Apparently, they have come into the boutiques-only in the past couple of weeks.  If anyone's near a shop, I'd recommend taking a look - best 'distressing at the knees' there's been since the iconic fw13 version but a completely different wash.
Can anyone give me some advice as to Saint Laurent's belt sizing?  I typically wear the low-waisted D02s in size 30.  The belt I'm currently wear (non-SLP) measures approx. 35 - 36" from one end to the middle hole.  I'm assuming this is due to the fact that the jeans are low-waisted.  What size should I be looking for in SLP belts?  I was thinking an 85 or a 90
Thanks, neonrider.  When you say "produced just after the original", are you referring the standard L17?  Thanks!
If anyone has any information on the L17 below, it'd be much appreciated.  I believe its FW13 but cannot find much info on it beyond a listing on Rakuten, given the tag's code.  It feels a bit heavier than the standard calf L17.  And it has a kind of washed distressing, also      
can anyone tell me if the D04 bikers fit relative to D02s? Or are they larger/smaller in the waist?
if you had cash for either, but not both, thoughts:  
Is anyone here an expert in Saint Laurent leather and jacket models? I've never been able to find much info on my L17 - 330462 Y5CG1 1000 If anyone knows anything about this, that'd be great. It's cow, aw13, L17W that much I know. But no idea what the RRP was or how rare it might be
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still up for proxy'ing from the EU and already have 2 styleforum clients!     Also, I'm still selling a ton of SLP stuff on eBay at steal prices like a cotton/linen military parka in black (mega-rare), m-65 camo jacket, camo shirt sz 42, sneakers, leopard le smoking jacket, etc.   http://www.ebay.com/usr/aguirre171717
The caban 'tube' peacoat is, I think, a masterpiece - best peacoat YSL's made
If anyone's into a black cotton and linen military parka jacket, sz 46, I'm selling one here:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/321993950551?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649   Check out my other listings - lots of stuff, including a rare camo field jacket in sz 52
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