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Sweeping generalizations about what's best for people aren't very productive. I definitely think there's a place for MTM in the spectrum and one shouldn't just jump from OTR to bespoke.   Personally, a 40L napoli from SS would have fit me 'good enough' by quite a few people's standards. But if I really wanted to dial in the fit, OTR+tailoring would have been cost prohibitive, if even possible. With regards to the napoli fit, I have the shoulders of a 40 but the chest...
  They have two levels of MTM, one with a half-canvas suit that's $600 and one with a full-canvas suit that's supposed to start at $900. They had a limited selection of discontinued fabrics (all VBC) that were 'on sale' starting at $725 in the full-canvas suit option. I'm not sure how often or what selection is typically available at that price point. I was fortunate to find a fabric I liked.
  I live in Milwaukee and drove down to the Chicago store. It's not incredibly convenient but it's not too bad. The guy who runs their MTM dept told me SuitSupply has rather grand expansion plans, and will be in most of the major US cities within a couple of years. Another figure he quoted was an additional 100 stores globally by the end of the decade.   With regards to MTM, he didn't even have me try on any of their named fits OTR. He had special jackets and pants in the...
I'm curious how many people here have used SuitSupply's MTM service? I had an appointment last weekend and was able to purchase one of their 'Suit Up'/'Red Line' full-canvas MTM suits in a discontinued navy fabric for $724. To me, that seems like a pretty good deal. Thoughts?
I've been lurking the eHaberdasher thread on StyleForum for quite some time. I'm finally ready to make another staple suit purchase and I had some questions on the sizing of the Benjamin suits. I range from a 40L - 44L in various brands so it's kind of a toss up. Vanity sizing ruins everything.   Sizing of a MTM shirt: Collar Around: 15.5" Sleeve Length: 35.75" Yoke Width: 18.5" Chest Around: 45" Midsection Around: 37" Shirt Length: 33"   I'm 6' 2-3"....
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