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 its normal i think
after i do this method will the dark color stay permanent or it will get lighter eventually?
  ok, thanks ropeadope       may I see your fit pics?
    is it possible to get this different color (brand new)? is it legit? i wanna buy this one but im a lil bit affraid because of this
  but you got a nice fit with your 33, does the waist streched already?       thanks nobutada, i am a bit confused about the sizing, because rue state and blue owl have very different measurement     i think thats a bit tight, but nice fit you got there. can you tell me your height and weight? because i wanna buy that size, but still strugling between skinny or tapered
  sorry to mention that 9,5 is abit loose, and 9 is a perfect fit,not to loose nor tight, my actual size is 27,5cm from heel to toe,   so anyone here suggest i must take 8 or 8,5? because there is no retailer store for wolverine i my country and i cant do fitting, so i will buy it online. 
im using 42,5 (27,5cm) in converse and i dont have any boots, i wanna buy 1000 miles, what size should i take?
  hi dirty denim, did you remember actual size of the waist in your 33 and 34 ub21 skinny when it first came (before it streched) ? and which one is your true size, 33 or 34? 
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