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If the shirt sleeves went to his palms that is a problem. But it is more of a fit problem. I find a v-neck sweater under a suit is a great way to stay warm.   As for the suit jacket length... don't be afraid of new trends hitting the men's market. Classic fitting suits are being replaced by younger, leaner, shaped suit jackets.
A great black suit is the best idea. It falls under the lines of owning a great white dress shirt - every man should own at least 1.   Going with a black suit just means you can really play with textured ties. 
Hello Forum posters,   My name is Jesse. I am 26 years of age and live in Los Angeles, California. I have working in men's fashion retail for the past 6 years going from Nordstrom to BALENCIAGA. I started to rep a men's custom and made-to-measure clothing line called J.Hilburn. Through out my retail career I have helped men find their style and themselves in this ever changing world and now with J.Hilburn I can be their adviser as well as their fitting tailor. It...
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