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Yeah or long-staple Pima?
I have 100% Cashmere, doing it in a cardigan since I usually see it in pullovers.  For the Cotton Cashmere I used a 80/20 blend along with Pima cotton since most other brands tend to use 95/5 or 90/10 blends.  I didn't do any silk blends, I wasn't sure how that would be received.   What's your color preference?
Interesting and specific!  Heuy Lewis is a pretty cool guy, heard him a few times on Podcasts.   No, not an American Psycho collection, although that might be pretty cool.  I'm doing a collection of better mens's sweaters.  I'm specializing just in sweaters so hopefully it will be the go too brand when people want to get some sweaters.
Do you have a preference when it comes to content:  Cotton Cashmere, Cotton, Merino Wool?
I know the end of July isn't exactly sweater season but it is fast approaching.  I was wondering what you guys look for when buying a sweater.  What content do you prefer and why?  Why styles do you buy?  What colors do you prefer?  What do you think is missing from the market place?   I'm launching a sweater collection this coming fall so I wanted to check if I'm in line to what everyone is looking for.   Thank you in advance.
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Edit: I figured out how to post pics properly, sorry about that. 
Thank you very much
I found someone selling a pair of Cole Haan C&J shoes on Ebay, that could just be what he is marketing them as.  
I picked up these shoes over the weekend that resemble the Crocket and Jones Cavendish, both on the outside and the nail pattern on the heal.  However they are Cole Haan brand, made in England.  I did some research but didn't find concrete evidence that C&J ever made for Cole Haan.  So I was wondering if these are just a Cole Haan Cavendish knock off or did C&J make for Cole Haan at some point.     Also what are your thoughts on this style of shoe?  I have never...
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