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Looking to get some fresh boxers as sick of my old worn out ones, seen a few cool brands and wanting to get something a bit different but wondering if there’s any better ones out there as designer boxers arn't cheap.   Found these ones that look pretty cool so far.       Pull in http://store.pull-in.com/eu/en/homme/sous-vetement/fashion-epmenpic               Smuggling...
Always great designs/collections from Nigel, also met him a couple of times and is a lovely guy
They are awesome, will have to get myself a fewwwwww pairs, ha
Hi Guys, I am a UK based web and graphic designer, thought I'd join The Style Forum to pick up some cool new fashions and hopefully share some myself.
Django Unchained is a great film, best I have seen in a while, enjoy :)
Nice, Django Unchained is one of the best films I've seen for a while, enjoy
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