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I dont think Leslie Charteris wrote books about the Toff Boys. perhaps confused with John Creasey's Toff character.
These Paraboot shoes were big with post-Casual dressers who had moved on to the Paninaro  style after 1985. Great quality, but can't remember exactly how much they were...expensive though. These would be worn with the first wave of Stone Island, Chipie and Chevignon garments (and other similar garb). I like 'em : )
those aldens are the handsomest brogues Ive seen
Flyfronted, are you one of the fellers in your avatar? Just curious, as I remember reading Barrie K's memories of Crackers somewhere. It would be good to hear the original Duffer boys' take on the suede period as I recall from interviews that they were quite knowledgeable about the top end of street fashions (much like yourself). I think one of them even described their  style as suavehead at one point., which is a pretty neat term in my opinion. Reuben Wilson- I play...
@aces and eights Those 5 years older than us ....they have a lot to answer for, as it was always viewed through rose tinted lenses and impressionable eyes. May I add this 5 year gap was how it was in the 80s as well, seeing friends' older brothers and their mob changing the styles that us younger bloods would aspire too.
M o M, Kingstonian,Flyfronted, thanks for replying. Its very interesting to see how stereotypical images of a certain phase in the development of a "look" are represented by the media, don't you think? And then how this representation actually influences the "look" itself...
I apologise if this has been touched on before, but were there skinheads for want of a better word who completely shied away from the boots and braces ('68-70 era)? Some of the clothes, especially the American Ivy-stylings, are so smart and the working-class element of boots and braces could tarnish an otherwise clean-cut look...I realise it was a particularly UK twist, as we like to do, but perhaps some purists really disapproved ?
First post for me here, gents, I must say its been an interesting and insightful read. I would like to add here, you could say ALL teenage school boys had their sta-prest, harringtons and Bens bought for them by their mums  in the early 70s once the skinhead look had gone mainstream. Sportswear like you mention wasn't mainstream at first, just like skinhead style, and the cult that spawned it, call it casual,soulboy,dresser was certainly as real as mods, skinheads etc.and...
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