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Ive been listening to lite listening and oldies stuff weird times. Generally listen to rock but here lately it has been nothing but crap
Pick up a couple of Haspel poplin suits for those hot days
Kool Ill hit you up. I have been wokring some jacked up hours lately so hopefully I can stop in within the next couple weeks Ill give you some early warning.
They just opened a store at the mall it seems like a pretty decent brand and image for young professionals. Price points are moderate.
Id like to go see him at clydes sometime i have to find some time i been running like a mad man. Go date idea? Have you taught yourself any new tricks lately?
I wont order it unless it is fressh squeezed either. I guess it was just in the moment everyone may have thought you were being snooty or something.
i like kunks idea
Quote: "Come, Mr. Taliban, tally me a banana."
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas She'd been in the house for (iirc) over 30 years, so I figured she'd have paid it off by then. Maybe it was a home-equity loan to cover the bills? thats what i heard on the radio it was some sort of refinance/ or home equity loan
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