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Yeah i was thinking about it I am a few credits short of an associates degree in Information systems. I will end up taking out some student loans to finish. I should have gone to community college, instead of going straight to Maryland, I would have been able to save a lot of money. Howard CC is a good one our state has some of the best in the country.
which school you at now magician? I went to UMd for 2 years. Montgomery GI Bill didnt pay me enough to contiue going there. NOTE to all GI Bill=Bullshit to get you to sign up with uncle sam
If a job asked you to take a polygraph would you do it? What if you know your going to fail? Telling the truth would be incriminating and lieing would be just as bad. I have a friend who has had a shady past, never convicted or arrested of anything and is living the straight and narrow for many years, but is facing a lie detector to get into a law enforcement position Hes really sweating it. Whats everyones thaughts on this.
if your using a courier like dhl or EMS you dont have to pick it up at customs. If sending dhl they send it to you and then they send you a bill for the duties. EMS holds it at your post office until you pay the duties
turned 26 yesterday
I dont know who dubyas tailor is but i do know that he only rocks Allen Edmonds shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Don't they have miniature versions to wear for dress occasions? Yes LK and that would be the approriate form to wear the decorations. Hats off to you LK a gentleman and a scholar
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Phat Farm? Are the trousers as baggy as their jeans? Not generally there suits and urbanwear are licensed to 2 differnet production companies. Theyre suits are a more conservative cut not the urban look that your expecting. They make a very good quality suit for its price point.
turkey sandwhich and a bottle of water. nothing fancy
Finding a job in a recession. I wanted to find a side job to keep me busy and have some cash on the side and had no problem. I was able to find employment in the DC area. If you have government experience it is definately a plus. There are jobs out there just have to find them. What industry are you in? What do you do for the government
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