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Quote: Originally Posted by mdg137 Spend the extra and ship via UPS or Fed ex, so you will have reliable tracking data. +1 if it is over $250 you HAVE to ship via an express or you wont be covered under paypals seller protection policy. I learned this the hard way.
well i should definately start doing it then
freeze my jeans what does that do?
Maybe this will make you feel better my X moved on with my brother who is also my roomate and business partner.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Toyota Camry well played
i know if i had to take one they would probably lock me up on the spot
Suit up. My old man worked for the census bureau as an analyst right out of college. He enjoyed it very much he said at the time (25+ years ago) it was a really great place to work for
Yes I have heard that the new gi bill is much better. TA is very good so is the armys loan repayment program. In retrospect there are ways to finance the eductaion(student loans, National guard gives 50% tutiton wavers for state schools). At the time when i sepearted the last thing i wanted to do was reenlist. The army doesnt educate you much on how the gi bill works and how the stipend is rationed to you. They give you $100 and take back $99
The system like almost everything run by the government has how should we say design flaws to it. I am not going to use the funding as an excuse not to go back i just wont count on the government to do it. I got many great things from my service money and benefits werent one of them thats for sure VA is another broken government bureaucracy.
what sparked your fascination for tina or have you always been a lifelong fan?
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