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but.. never underestimate the power of the American spender. They will work their ass off to provide for their families. Agree with dragon people living outside their means will just establish less means
Usually everyday i could never get into the commando thing. I understand the whole lived in look for jeans, but I dont know if i could go 9 months with out washing. They be stinky
Ive kind of been that person that dressed like a square my whole life. button downs, polos and chinos/khakis
Unfortuantely I had the pleasure of being stuck there for 4 years. No offense but I couldnt imagine growing up there. I used to do a lot of biking out at LBL
what part of west tennessee? Quite a few people in oak grove, KY and clarksville who had these same ideals
PIzza is one of those things you can never get tired of I worked at sbarros for 2 years in HS and i never got tired of eating pizza everyday. My favorite Pizza is lombardis in NY
no one on SF has paid for sex. Well me neither then.
marisa miller
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Where did OTR enter the discussion? He was asking about cloth. With whales. Sorry I thought he was talking about Prince of Wales suits http://racinggreen.co.uk/products/sa...uit/pid-136019
You mean Prince of Wales , but on this forum you wont get very much love from an OTR suit, they are all decent for the price but nothing to write home about basically.
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