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PIzza is one of those things you can never get tired of I worked at sbarros for 2 years in HS and i never got tired of eating pizza everyday. My favorite Pizza is lombardis in NY
no one on SF has paid for sex. Well me neither then.
marisa miller
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Where did OTR enter the discussion? He was asking about cloth. With whales. Sorry I thought he was talking about Prince of Wales suits
You mean Prince of Wales , but on this forum you wont get very much love from an OTR suit, they are all decent for the price but nothing to write home about basically.
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme That looks really good Lucky Strike. Trench coats that are too long look costumey, imo. +1 good job at avoiding the inspector gadget look. Burberry is known for there quality trenchs. Dare i even mention London Fog makes a good trench as well its there claim to fame
amazing homade sesame chicken and rice rice that tasted just like the local chinese place made it. Hot water and ketchup soup for the broke soul
pretty much i would take all perfume /scent advice from rach2jlc that man keeps his prized scents in a wine cooler so they stay just the right temeperature a real subject matter expert when it comes to fragrances
yeah rube what ever happened to the chick at the pharmacy(one of the first threads i read on this forum)
You mentioned it. Spray the inside down with hot water and put it on wear it till it dries it should stretch it for you. Or you can go with the hat stretcher they work to if it is just snug you should be able to get away with steam or hot water.
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