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do diesel zaf 796 look to much like bell bottom? Are they still good to wear? is there any way to bring in the flair a little? Or is that the look these days. Sorry im not a denimhead and havent owned a pair of jeans for a few years now the last pair i owned was a straight leg relaxed fit levi.
NO quality wont go down it will only get better over time. Prices will fluctuate im sure, you may see labels with cheaper versions of their garments
you would think for as much as baseball has lost viewership over the past 5 years they would want to draw people in however they can
spaghetti under $10 for a meal for 4. Good and Cheap
I got a really nice flannel as a gift. Normally I wouldnt wear but these are pretty great colors burnt orange brown,yellowish very fall. I will post a pic the next time im wearing.
^ good one
when i worked out i used myoplex instead of delicous whey I thought it was great stuff
Yeah it is a fine piece of art. I dont know how they consider this modern fingerpainting crap art doesnt even compare
Usually everyday i could never get into the commando thing. I understand the whole lived in look for jeans, but I dont know if i could go 9 months with out washing. They be stinky
Ive kind of been that person that dressed like a square my whole life. button downs, polos and chinos/khakis
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