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We had over 12000 positive feedback and they did the same to us
How did they hang you up hard2fit?
Sorry to be spammy but I carry a solid color convertible cuff dress shirt in 35 colors and 24 sizes for under 20 dollars. I own probably 10 different colors very versatile. Solid shirts
5 guys burgers are the best
Thats nasty. Like i want this guys pubes all over my suit
Black flat front twill pants a button down red and green check shirt(more of a christmas color but i am bumming it), and a zip up navy blue hoodie(its chilly in here)
I think crocs(the plastic clog looking shoes) are a terrible product that people shouldnt wear outside of the beach
I remember when i was in the army me and a group of guys paid one $50 to do a pt test( pushups, sit ups, and run around the block). He did remarkably he should have been an Infantryman.
Check us out at we have been online here in the USA for 3 years now. Our price points are low, we ship international if you want any wholesale products let us know or if you need any ideas contact us. We have tried to give a pretty good mix of stuff and not expand to much out side of suits and formal wear. Try to keep it cheap for the masses
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