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The worst that can happen is you order it is not to your liking and you send it back for a refund if they dont refund you then file a chargeback and you will get your money back. Dont send any payments via western union you have no recourse
I was in the seconds business for years as well and you never get a volume of louis stuff like this it is purely mixed you wont get the selection and quantity they offer from a overstock/seconds lot it will never happen. As far as the guarantee everyone offers a guarantee and money back they have to. There sales out way the amount of returns they get anyday im sure. Some things to think about This is illegal if you have a Louis account like Bloomigndales for instance...
Im sure you will get the product, weather it is real or not is a different story.
From a store owners perspective i always question such sites. They carry not only LV, burberry, but tiffany's as well . Anyone on SF ever tried to open up an account with any of these companies knows that it takes an act of god, and a substantial opening order to do so. Along with a real retail location. That being said you would have to buy it to find out. If the price seems to good to be true it proabbly is. Some of there stuff may be real purchased through real vendors...
Absolutely I never claimed to be intelligent. I love it when the masses get fired up ohh the humanity
well this was post 911 and i had just returned home from a 1 year hardship tour in Iraq so I hope he is on the terrorism watch list from now till the end of time. Call me a douche for it the douche bag move was saying bomb and being an Arab getting on a plane after 9-11.
I remember just before boarding a flight being pulled aside along with an arab gentlemen and an old lady for a random search . The arab guy looked at me and made the dumbass mistake of saying "they act like i have a bomb or something" the lady behind the ticket counter overheard and went ape shit and called in every security agent in the airport. When they asked me what the guy said I kindly replied "yes officer this man said he had a bomb" the old lady followed my lead...
Where in Severna Park? I used to kick it down on Ben Oaks beach. I am down in Deale now.
"hump" is the infantry way of saying carrieing heavy loads of equipment on very long walks for very long time
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