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clean harry
lt blue, yellow go with a silver well. Rose gold is a good fall color though
earth tones... black(matches everything) brown, rust orange, tan
I owned both kris kros albums, at the time they were also the shit now they are considered simply shit . wigity wigity wack
Vanilla ice may suck now but when that album first came out it was the sh*t
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Bow Wow just pisses me off, so that's where my vote's at. +1000 That makes 2 of us Lil BOW wow sucks horribly
I had a bacon burger with connes favorite cheese CHEDDAR
didnt see the original but I thought the one with stallone was terrible one of his worst.
definately has to have music in it. Not entirely music, kind of like how the Family Guy will bust into a musical tyraid every couple of episodes.
I did have a buckle that was in the same font when I was 14 it said my name SCOTT very cool. Anyway it is a real Giorgio judging from the tags, Filenes keeps a pretty tight ship as far as fakes are concerned
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