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Bullshit tycoon just as many FF incidents happen in the marines more of these things have been covered up then the American public will ever know about, nor do they need to know about Its to protect the honor of the men that are there, and protect the guy that had to pull the trigger and make a decision that he will have to live with. Dont go talking shit now cherry you will know soon enough if deployed what being in a fire fight is really about things go wrong no matter...
a calling card
I dont tip, maybe a dick move but those guys are getting paid to deliver your stuff and you already paid the delviery fee as well, but if you feel so inclined $10 would bring a smile to there face for sure
definately its time for change
some of you guys sound like you could be on the defensive line. Im thin and tall kind of gangly looking i guess would be the adjective 6' 1 165
"You ever get the feeling she's cheating on you?"- Office Space Glad you didnt let her fuck you off I say get the last laugh go with the milhouse approach
Yeah im too nice of a guy im borderline pussy. If i hadnt been to combat id be full blown pussy
I had a brother typewriter in HS real pain in the ass if you mess up
Yes geico will jump at least mine did. I am now with state farm. Your over 25 right.
I love the gravy also. A lot of people make the gravy out of the juices in the pan, sometimes there just isnt enough juice
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