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Robert Palmer was great. I had an addicted to love video, which I sold at a flea market for $2 I had no idea at the time that that video was worth over $200 it was some special limited edition from my moms collection
Peanut butter and jelly man my self, but i do love a peanut butter and fluff marshmallow my candian french teacher told us about it, she said it was a canadian thing
believe it or not I havent been to any baltiomre or dc bars, when i was into bar crawling I frequented Nashvilles second ave, and printers alley my favorite was graham central station fun crowd.
I used to have one 15 years ago. My grandfather said he would give me $20 if i never wore one again, and i havent since.
Really good to hear Magician, you know my cheap ass cant swing the 500, but keep us posted let us know how it goes.
NO there is nothing wrong with them as a matter of fact the licensee who produces them for donald trump also make ties for Ike Behar, brooks brothers, and jos a bank many other famous brands
I agree with you Eason I was an RTO(commanders radio guy) during my tour so communications during a combined arms engagement(infantry working along with armor and or air units) is absolutely essential. It neccesary at all times to know where your units are on the ground and have open lines of communication with your follow along units at all times. When you start a mission your given an OP order(operations order) they go over all this stuff who will be with you, what kind...
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN You said that FF deaths are hidden from public view, so are these deaths recorded? Fratricide incidents occur Im not saying they happen all the time but it does occur, many are released as Pfc Nelson's death was originally he died while engaging the enemy which is how it should of stayed. I know it sounds bad and everyone is wondering well why didnt they just tell the truth. They do it not to cover something...
Ohh so true basically can you run 2 miles without dying. "Yes" ok son sign here here and here raise your right hand, welcome to the Army . I have much respect for the Marines they are a fine fighting force used to talk shit all the time about them, but after a while you realize we are all on the same team.
Not trying to be a dick, Its cool to rag on the Army we have our share of shitbags thats for sure, but it truly can happen to anyone. Its even happened to Special Forces operators and Navy Seals that are supposed to be "the very best"
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