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Get the box set from AE. Only 19.99 right now and you'll have them all. The bourbon strands look great with blue, green, and purple. Those are the laces I wear most often with mine depending on shirt, etc.
Thanks for the great info.I'll get back in the hunt for a thriftstore shoe with decent leather to practice on. What brand of dye do you find the best for this type of art?So you've read Outliers I see, or at least subscribe to its 10,000 hour benchmark.
The McAllister is a brouged WT, the Strand is a brouged cap toe.   The McAllister is probably the most "classic" brouged wingtip, but the MacNeil is the flavor you need if you like the longwing.
Judging by the GQ in the bottom left corner of the pic I'd say it was shot for Home and Garden
  AE customer service has been great for me as well. I tend to be brand loyal and having a great customer service interaction with a company makes me even more inclined to spend my hard earned money with them. I think my blacks might have to be a PA or a wholecut so I have them in the closet for those occasions I need them but I'd still like to have a brogued pair for the office. I'm on the more casual end of business casual where PA's are a little dressier than I need...
Mike, how are you applying the leather dye? I am interested in doing some testing with dye patina. I actually e-bay'd some burgundy PA's that I thought would be my "test" shoes but after stripping all the caked on wax, I conditioned and polished and they looked too nice to experiment on.   I'm wondering, specifically, if you are thining the dye with anything (solvent, spirits, etc.)? Then, how do you go about the gradient blending of colors with the dye?
Nice Job, Mike
ummm, I think I may do exactly that. The merlot McAllisters have been shipped and will be on my doorstep on Friday (just in time for my birthday present). I debated incessantly over the merlot v walnut but since I already have the Bourbon Strand I needed to get a "classic". Don't get much more classic than the Merlot McAllisters except for the PA's. I'll probably end up with walnut McAllisters too just because they are drop-dead gorgeous, albeit not as versatile as the...
I missed the purple webgems too... Kicking myself for not grabbing those when they were offered.   On the other hand, I was looking to pick up the merlot McAllisters so I'm glad they were on sale for the 91st.
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