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Bl@ster   Those buggers are outstanding! That build tempts me to build some SD's of my own. I'm typically a heavier utility style boot buyer, but...
Allan,   Thanks!   I'll clean up those packers and send a photo. As far as fit and comfort compared to the well worn boot. I am 1,000% satisfied with my choice! The 461 last with more toe box room and -1/4" in the heel is exactly what I personally was looking for and needed.   I went a little overboard on day one break-in; I wore them for 14 hours, and luckily about 6 of those hours were sitting, or I would have been very sorry. After an evening of...
I missed the "insert image" icon in my first post, sorry for the .jpg's
Well, I was quite surprised when i got home from work last night! I was anticipating having to wait at least 2 more weeks; based on others order/lead times. But, here they are. I was fairly worried about "how much" toe kick there would be and others posting on this site about clown shoes. I am very satisfied with the look and the comfort of the "rock when you walk" to these boots. I made the right decision (for me).   461 last "classic work boot" all oil tanned...
Uni,   Awesome Boot! Your order date and delivery date make me excited; i ordered my classic work boot on May 20th. I'm hoping my delivery time frame follows yours.
All of you guys are killing me with posting pics! I don't know how many more weeks i am out; but it's too many...   Thank you for the photos everybody. It is very cool to be able to see varying personality in each boot.   Scott
Allan,   That is a classic, beautiful pair of boots. Well Done!   Scott
B-Ewing, Allen   Good information, thank you. Now I'm intrigued enough to want to talk to Bakers on my next order.
AT83 and Allen   I'm in no way discounting Bakers; they seem to provide a high level of service.   But I personally do not understand why a guy wouldn't just trace his foot and deal directly with Whites, if that is who's boot your buying? Specially if you have special needs in a last or at minimum concerns about needing a custom fit. I have been dealing with Whites directly for over 15 years and have had nothing but top shelf service.My feet are significantly...
Thanks Allen,   I will post some pictures of the new and the old when my classic work boots come in!
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