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RD, thank you, I agree on the handsome scale it was one of the better I have come across.
Thank you for the input.
@MC...thanks for the input, my last post was a bit terse but nothing personal.  All I was seeking was some advice on what I recognize is a difficult piece.  I am not a fashion expert but certainly not a neophyte.  Sweeping statements whose pretext are based in incorrect knowledge and assumptions tend to bug me, that's all.  I'm over it, you have all been helpful.
Thank you LS.....great counter points. I am really not that put out, just seeking some insight. Thank you all for your thoughts, and for amusing me.
Well if you had noticed, I have had no issue with any comments negative our otherwise about the jacket and welcomed all feedback. I would prefer to keep it as it is a handsome piece but do recognize the difficulties. The only thing I took issue with was a complete stranger assuming he knows the level of my fashion acumen based on one pair of pants...that is all. Your analogy is a joke as it echoes the same pompous lunacy. And thanks for letting me know they're just...
Point taken....thank you.
Thanks for the heads up. How quickly it is forgotten that not only do clothes make the does humility.
Thank you for your constructive input. There are no pants this was bought at Saks and is a stand alone blazer. Still have receipt and may be taking back. Still amazed at the arrogance of some who presume that a pair of pants I own dictate whether I am "ready" for odd jackets.....please.
Thanks. While I completely agree with the difficulty of complementing this jacket...drawing a conclusion on my level of "readiness" for off jackets based on a pair of pants I own is presumptuous at best and idiotic at worst. I own plenty of wool trousers and solid blazers not to mention a fine array of suits..just wanted some feedback on what has been acknowledged as a tough match. Thank you to all who provided constructive comments.
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