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I have a beatiful Carolina Herrera suit, midnight navy 38R in excellent condition (worn once). It's a good combination between business appropriate and Spanish flare with a striking red lining. Which begs the question why am I selling it then? Well this was an impulse purchase during a visit to Madrid fuelled by my summer bonus and the 30% in store discount. It has proven too small and my weight refuses to drop so... there you go a beautiful present for a fellow SF member....
OK in need of some of your help guys... I will be in Amsterdam next month for business and I'll be staying in the centre. Now to my astonishment I have discovered that both the outlets are like 2 hours away from Amsterdam! Now to the question part are they worth the 4 hour commute? I'm mainly looking to pick up a couple of solid colour suits. Is one better than the other? any input appreciated.
That looks great! Very good fit! And especially love the fabric you can see how rich the texture is even from a picture! Does anyone know if there is a napoli in the same fabric? I'm talking about this one (http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/suits/napoli-grey-plain/P3711.html?start=8&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-Napoli)
Another question regarding the online outlet. I'll be in Holland in September are the items in the online outlet the same as the actual outlet in NL or does the actual outlet have different items?
which model is this if I may ask? 
aaargh damn you decision to take a day off styleforum. is there any way rsatmans wont be so greedy and will only take the navy? come on give a guy a break?
just voted!
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