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 Thank you both! The stripes are brown, there is also a bit of brown in the tie as well.
Please do enlighten me where you got the shawl cardigan!
From the FC. Apoligize if the pictures are too large.  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Well, I've put myself in a predicament, first I wore the checked jacked  then changed jacket and tie (in spoiler). Now I'm unable to choose which to enter for the challenge, but I guess it will have to be my initial idea.I bought the checked jacket without actually having a clue what to pair it with, then Attolini was nice enough to add a picture of a rather similar jacket in one of their collections.I saw the Manolo Costa picture a couple of years ago, really liked the...
But the suit (well, the whole thing) is just awful.
Managed to miss the daylight.
Yeah, I'd say that Erik is not to be allowed in this one. He's already winning over at tumblr!
Happy new year! I apologize if me adding another picture results in another post.
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