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Haha, I'm fairly certain there will be some competition!
Impeccable timing! Quote:Originally Posted by Shen My fellow Swedes set the bar high for the day. [[SPOILER]]
Not too bad! But in my opinion the trousers are way too skinny.
   Yeah, I agree, made a bad call when it came to cropping the pictures. Regarding the f-stop, I rather awful when it comes to photography.  I posted a picture with everything the same but the tie a while ago, if you're curious.  Thank you all! The overcoat is Ballantyne (made by Caruso). 
My fellow Swedes set the bar high for the day. [[SPOILER]]
IMO it's rather difficult to wear a v-neck without a shirt underneath and not look like a d-bag.
But surely he/she is a troll?
Can't be, my name is not on it.   Thanks. 
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