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X-post from FC.Quote:Originally Posted by Shen  Unfortunately I was unable to find some decent lighting.   [[SPOILER]]
Unfortunately I was unable to find some decent lighting.   [[SPOILER]]
Trousers are yet to be hemmed, thus being casually rolled.    
Good one, looking forward to participate and admire some great contributions surely to come.    
Size 46 (EU) drop 7 Navy chalk stripe suit from Cantarelli per Eraldo. Very soft shoulders, high armholes, 3/2-roll, flat front trousers. Single vent, lined sleeves with non-working buttonholes.     Jacket measurements    Chest: 50cm Waist: 44cm Shoulder: 44cm Sleeves: 63cm Length BOC: 74cm.   Trouser measurements   Waist: 38cm (4-5cm let out), been taken in 2cm. Width at end: 20cm Inseam: 81cm Cuff: 3,6cm.   Bought it about a year ago and it has been...
The base of the SC comes of as green on my monitor.
Thanks for the thumbs and votes! 
Keep us updated!   
The dinner suit is from RL. Well, my appearance in public was rather brief before I was in the confines of my friend's home. Mimo on the other hand rocked that three piece all day.     I yield! I yield!
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