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How long are you looking for? I wear Ruehl no. 925 in size S and it's a 25 inch long shirt from the collar seam to the bottom of the back but the sleeves are 36 inches. The chest is 21 inches and the waist is 19. So it has a nice taper and it's short, but I'm guessing the sleeves are way too long for you.You could probably try to like turn it into a double cuff or something maybe.
I'd probably wear a fur coat and that's it.
x2 looks like a dolphin 
I tried to wear my diaper on the subway but I keep getting comments.
I use a teflon chain wax on my chain instead of oil. It actually cleans the chain when you spray it on and dirt won't stick to the chain so it's always clean and shiny. That would definetely make the chain area 100x less dirty and dangerous for your pants so it's a start. I'm assuming there's some reason you don't have or don't want a chain cover so I'll let that be.    Besides velcro straps over your ankles, have you ever seen blousing strips? They hook together and...
They have the slim fit in Japan too, but it's actually just a Japanese size. So that means the sleeves are 2" shorter and the chest is smaller as well. 
Oh nice. I've been wondering if I can just buy some tritium paint and just paint the hands on my watch.
Thanks I'll check those out. I guess it depends on your complexion, but yeah I think I get washed out pretty easy too. I still can't make heads or tails of the "12 season color analysis" things. It seems like black magic.
Well the shirt looks pretty good besides that.
You need to go to a B&T store. They'll help you out.
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