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Enjoy these shitty work bathroom pics : /         I always thought peeps were exaggerating the softness of the leather, they aren't. It feels like it's too soft.
Tracking info received this morning, package received this afternoon.   Just got my "Charly special" MA-1 after about a 24 week wait. I took the advice of many on here and tried to forget I ordered a jacket. Only emailed Charly once after my order went through ; /   I'm ecstatic. It's even more beautiful than I had anticipated and I know it'll look even better after I break it in a bit. Sizing was spot on.   Man, it feels good!
Almost new condition.    I bought my pair of trail oxfords at the pop up flea in NYC last year.   I've picked up other shoes, acquired different tastes which has relegated these oxfords to the bench for a long time.   I've only worn them about 8 times and I have an office job so there is almost no wear on the sole.   They are a beautiful and well crafted shoe, I just get no use out of them.   So I'm selling them for $205 to the US. If it's an international...
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