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Just curious, what is the normal cuff length that you people do for your pants? 
Is it recommended to use wax only on the toe cap and the heel? 
  That I have to agree, it all boils down to what is actually more useful to the society at that period of time.   And as Engineers, we do also require to stare at spreadsheets and drawings alot of the time, makes not much a difference from Finance I guess?   I guess the main point is that finance can rake in much more money then engineering in the same given amount of time, so its more efficienct? Perhaps I might be wrong?
Wished I had done Finance or Econs while choosing my degree.   Working in the engineering industry is not as glamorous as you guys would imagine. The compensation package is not as good as one thinks and the work is very administrative.   Perhaps could have gotten a bigger pay package if I had taken the route to Finance?   Oh well... then again, most of the people who took Engineering with me didn't end up as engineers.
I was wondering how do you clear away the scuff marks just infront of the toebox? I happen to graze the wooden sole of my shoes while walking over those cobble stone surface this morning.
I was wondering, you guys normally applying the shoe cream after the renovateur. Would you guys recommend to apply another coat of wax for protectice layer?    I live in Singapore, so it rains quite often here.
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