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Could I have the Small vest tailored to fit if I'm an Epaulet Small(36 jacket size)?
My crewneck sweatshirts and sweatpants just arrived and I'm really happy with them. Excellent quality and fit, as expected. I think I want to pick up some more but I'm curious if these will stretch out a little bit? I'm always a Small in Epaulet shirts and I'm a 36/37 coat but even the "True size Small(tagged Medium)" is a little snug on my thin frame, arms especially. It's looks good and I'll be fine if it doesn't stretch some but I might try grabbing one of the size up...
I went for the Brushed Graphite Twill over the Gunmetal, even though I've always wanted to pickup the regular Gunmetal canvas. I really don't have either color but wanted to go for a darker pair. I think it will dress up a little better.
I am also interested, what size is it?
How heavy is the weight on the Barberis flannels?
Yep, it's not my style so much, but I think the Navy and Caramel Thorpe looks really great. Shawl collar is a really nice touch on this look. Really like these colors together.
Hi, would you consider a trade? I have a NWT Nori Wool, size 29R.  http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-green-merino-wool
I couldn't resist the Pewter Sports Trainers...I've wanted that pair since they came out. I snagged the last 10.5, hoping they'll fit. I'm usually between a 10.5-11 but on occasion have even worn size 10 Chuck's so I thought it was a safe bet. They are are some sharp looking sneakers.    I called and spoke to Matt late this afternoon and said if they didn't arrive today they were expecting the Chambray Doyles monday or tuesday.
I got my Grey Slub Chambray shirt today. The campaign closed on 7/1/14, so the the turnaround time was really fast. I just wanted to comment on the fast turnaround and also say that I'm vey impressed with the shirt's quality. I tried it on and like the fit more or less. I will probably be having it taken in on the sides and possibly have the sleeves shortened. I'm used to having to take in the sides on even slimmer cut shirts though. I'll put it through a wash first to see...
The waist isn't even the biggest difference for me, it's the crotch area. The Rivet is a little uncomfortable in a 29, but it's roomy enough in a 30, and the waist is spot on with a 30. The Walt cut fits me fine there in a 29 but the waist is spot on usually as well, although I have a few 30 walts that fit well enough that i've never bothered altering. I've always thought the 29 Walt waist fits better because the rise is higher than the Rivets and I'm probably a little...
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