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Epaulet Walt trousers: "Pale Grape" Grey 130s Flannel, tagged 28.  I had these tailored. Measurements: 14.75" waist, 8.75" thigh, 7" leg opening, 12" rise, 30.25" inseam with 3 inches to let out. 2-4" to let out leg/thigh width. Worn maybe 10x. $95 SHIPPED   Epaulet Walt trousers: Purple Shetland Tweed, tagged 30 waist. I had these tailored. Measurements: 15" waist, 8" thigh, 7" leg opening, 12" rise, 29.5" inseam with 1" of fabric to let out. Worn less than 10x. $95...
Not sure if Hertling EFF is truly back up but it's on the site and this fabric is still available!
Wearing my Chocolate Shadow Check Flannel Gables from the last EFF today. These may be the coolest pair of pants I own. First pair of Gables but I have a couple on the way from this EFF round. This fabric is amazing, softer and maybe a touch lighter than the 130s Hertling lambswool flannel. Thought I'd share a couple shots, although not the best light.
Dang, the "Dusty Pink" Linen D20PQO is sold out already!
Probably a good thing(for my wallet at least) that I missed most of this sample sale. Wondering if taking in a 31 Gable for a waist between 29 and 30 is a good idea..? I wear mostly 30 in all Epaulet pants and have taken some in a little.
Does anybody remember when the EFF Shirting  run from middle of September is supposed to come in?
Regretting not picking up the Oxford grey flannel when I had the chance... Excited for the chocolate check Gable pair I ordered though.
Wondering if one of the flannels would work with pleats? Thinking about a Taylor or Gable in the Dark Chocolate shadow check flannel(8182). I haven't tried either cut yet, thinking maybe play it safer with the Taylor, if pleats work on thicker fabrics.   On the fence about getting a staple oxford Grey Flannel in the Walt cut but I already have Pale Grape(in a size getting too small for me), and a pair of the grey wool corduroys in Rivet cut, an EFF from a couple years...
Wow, that grey suede MA1 looks awesome.
Totally into Purple Roses. I waited all day to be sure and then pulled the trigger as soon as I got back home and saw it again. Lots of solid choices this round but this 'novelty' print really jumped out at me. 
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