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If anybody at the SM sale is interested in helping me pickup a pair of the sports trainers, please let me know!
I wonder if the navy seersucker walt is a close enough match to the Southwick sportcoat from last year...? I've been thinking about it all day today whether I could pull off a navy seersucker suit. I love that jacket.    The new stuff looks great, looking forward to seeing the rest of the MTO selection.    I'm not sure, is the Wilshire Galey and Lord the same actual fabric as the new G&L Rivets with the exception of the selvedge detail?
Maybe I missed this but are the Wilshires in the NY stores? I wanted to see the Grey in person and narrow down the fit if there's both a 29 and 30 in indigo to try on.
WOW, they grey is gone in 30 already as well. I was hoping to get to the LES store this weekend to size compare. Hopefully the 29 fits fine. I'm a 30 in Rivets but always take in Walts 1/2 inch in waist so wasn't sure what was best in the Wilshire.
Cold and snowy today in Brooklyn. I busted out my toughest/warmest pant/boot combo. Chessboard tweed walts C&J Pebble grain w/ Dainite sole Rugby RL "shaggy dog" Epaulet Lavender OCBD (not seen)
I agree with the guys above. I prefer the rise of the walt but something in between the walt and rivet would be nice for a slight bit more casual. Definitely like the smaller leg opening idea.
Will there be a round of FF shirts again anytime in the near future? 
Oh man, I am definitely NOT missing the next FF sportcoat round.
Brand new, never worn but to try on once. I wound up going with a size 29 I picked up of the same color.   Price includes shipping and Paypal to continental US.  Can provide references from transactions here on SF and ebay. Seller ID: dupedd
I just want to take this opportunity to thank guys on here for posting fit pics. I find it very helpful to see real life application of the clothing that i'm interested in wearing and these pics have definitely made my decision process for choosing Epaulet pieces easier(...and incidentally, more fun and interesting). Thanks for making the effort and sharing, guys.
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