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The waist isn't even the biggest difference for me, it's the crotch area. The Rivet is a little uncomfortable in a 29, but it's roomy enough in a 30, and the waist is spot on with a 30. The Walt cut fits me fine there in a 29 but the waist is spot on usually as well, although I have a few 30 walts that fit well enough that i've never bothered altering. I've always thought the 29 Walt waist fits better because the rise is higher than the Rivets and I'm probably a little...
Oh boy, I waited too long this summer to pickup the navy Seersucker and/or grey Irish linen walts. I just saw them in the sale section. There's still a 31 in the seersucker, but wondering how'd they'd fit. I special order a 29 but also wear a 30 in Walts. I'm a dead on 30 in Rivets. You think I'd be alright altering a 31"? I could have a matching bottom to my Caine sportcoat!
Agreed. I don't usually go for camo designs so much but I like this one a lot. It looks like there's some interesting depth to the texture too. Digging all of the new Kamigatas actually. I've been sort of picturing this as a real summery jacket look so the Cotton-Linen might be the way to go.
I've been keeping an eye out for the EPLA pants with ribbed(elastic?) cuffs. I'm maybe not describing it correctly, but it sounded really interesting when brought up some several months back. Is this design going to make it to fruition or did I maybe somehow imagine it? 
Same here. My girlfriend loves the stuff I got her from the closeout sale.  On another note- I'm totally stoked for Chambray Doyle. the new stuff looks good too. Digging the grape canvas driggs especially.
If anybody at the SM sale is interested in helping me pickup a pair of the sports trainers, please let me know!
I wonder if the navy seersucker walt is a close enough match to the Southwick sportcoat from last year...? I've been thinking about it all day today whether I could pull off a navy seersucker suit. I love that jacket.    The new stuff looks great, looking forward to seeing the rest of the MTO selection.    I'm not sure, is the Wilshire Galey and Lord the same actual fabric as the new G&L Rivets with the exception of the selvedge detail?
Maybe I missed this but are the Wilshires in the NY stores? I wanted to see the Grey in person and narrow down the fit if there's both a 29 and 30 in indigo to try on.
WOW, they grey is gone in 30 already as well. I was hoping to get to the LES store this weekend to size compare. Hopefully the 29 fits fine. I'm a 30 in Rivets but always take in Walts 1/2 inch in waist so wasn't sure what was best in the Wilshire.
Cold and snowy today in Brooklyn. I busted out my toughest/warmest pant/boot combo. Chessboard tweed walts C&J Pebble grain w/ Dainite sole Rugby RL "shaggy dog" Epaulet Lavender OCBD (not seen)
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