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Hi all,   I have been tossing up between two sunglasses for a week now and unfortunately everyone I ask can't seem to help me, so I figured I'd ask for advice here!   The sunglasses in question are both Tom Ford Henry's:   option 1:   option 2:     I am looking for something that goes with most clothing and  is suitable for different occasions. All suggestions appreciated!
Thank you :)
  Not my "Best" sports coat but what I was wearing last night.   Emporio Armani $1025 USD
  Thanks mate, Is there anything I should look out for when buying these shirts in the future?   Or anything TF for that matter? I'm also from Australia btw. 
If you want them to wear tuxedo's don't force them to rent the same ones - as someone stated they may already own some. If it is paramount that they wear similar clothing, just tell them to wear a black tuxedo. I would suggest a turn down spread collar (not wing-tipped) for the shirt.
I would actually go for a lighter coloured sports coat to contrast the dark blue jeans and blue shirt... And probably find some nicer shoes. Just my 2 cents. Maybe a light brown sports coat.
Thanks :)
Why do some sellers red out the label and cut the tags and what does this actually mean?
I have contacted the seller and they have said they purchased the shirts directly from Tom Ford. Can someone confirm whether or not they wholesale their shirts or whether this is just a fib? The issue is in my country there are only TF boutique shops and these are not sold in any department stores, therefore it is hard to verify authenticity. 
why do some of the tom ford items for sale in the market place have redded out tags and what does this mean?
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