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Totally understand if you don't care for their aesthetic. I find it useful, and many others do as well. If you don't like their style (or their personalities), it is probably best to ignore this thread. For me, I enjoy reading their advice and would like to know if there are any other threads where they offer style advice.
I am not a good dresser, but I have become a better one after reading many of these threads. However, I always had trouble finding many of these threads when I needed to look up a reference, so I decided to gather the links for the threads that I have found most helpful in the past. If I am missing any threads that you may have found instructive or enjoyable, let me know and I'll add them to the post. Thanks and enjoy. Whnay.’s Good Taste...
What has happened to this thread? Manton come back!
Here's a question:   What types of odd-trousers are appropriate besides medium gray and possibly light gray? I'm assuming a khaki/tan odd-trouser is also appropriate. (also that charcoal and navy are both inappropriate).
There's also:   The Saloon on U Street - you may have to wait, though   Local 16 on a Wednesday and Thursday (especially downstairs) is actually not horrific (unlike the weekends).   James Hoburn, across the street from Front Pages, isn't too bad   Darlington House is ok, also near the Dupont Metro
Really good stuff. I'm looking forward to the brand write-ups.   Keep up the good work!
Tom & Jerry
 I own a pair of the 213 and I wiped them down with a dry, old t-shirt and then applied Obenauf LP. Barely darkened and they went back to the normal color the next day. In other words, I don't think leather cleaner or anything is needed before you apply the mink oil or the Obenauf (or whichever product you choose to use).
Looking forward to your report. Have a fun trip.
  Agreed. The 8 last is pretty tight across the toes. I'm not sure if it is tighter than the 5, but I would go up a width in the 8-last from your normal Brannock size.
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