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Is there a way to determine what additional duties, etc I might have to pay when buying from herring? I live in the states. In earlier posts it seems that I might have to pay $75 or so at delivery. Is there a way on their site to calculate?
About to buy herring's version of the barker eppings. The color is said to be "conker calf" although they are supposed to be the same as the barker epping they look darker in pictures on their site. In any case, any advice on which color belt to go for? Is walnut close enough?
I am about to buy some brown AE Lexingtons and I need a brown belt so the belt at the link below is what I am looking at.   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Leather-Dress-Belt/853C,default,pd.html?dwvar_853C_Color=BRWN&contentpos=9&cgid=0233   Does any know have any input on the quality of the BB belts?     I ask because I was just going to get a wide dress belt from AE because the colors would go well but the belt I ordered from them a while back was not impressive....
One last question before (finally pulling the trigger). Lexington in Bourbon or brown burnished. Someone posted the bourbon the other day and it looked pretty good. I am looking for a solid mid brown tone. Not too dark but dark enough to wear with most things. Anyone have a good pic of an AE in brown burnished or perhaps thoughts on how dark brown burnished is?
Honestly when I first got my macs I didn't like them at all. I felt pressured into buying them for some reason by the sales guy. Then I grew to love them and now I see them as a future weekend shoe once I buy a couple of pairs of more flexible shoes.   After that I really want brown shell strands but I don't have the funds for that and I still need to build up my work shoe rotation. So I am thinking maybe two more shoes for that. I think it will include   a Clifton...
Macs are the only pair of AEs I currently own so I should feel bad but the more I read and the more I try to wear them with different things, I know exactly what you mean. IMO they are great with some khakis/button down and okay with jeans but I feel funny wearing some BB dress pants with them. the rough look just doesn't work well. No one probably cares but it bothers me.   I hope to get another pair of (less conflicted) shoes soon.   Pro: -leather sole (at least I am...
Nice. I knew there was a trade off but it is hard to know what is right most of the time. I guess blucher is less formal and since I go less formal more of the time that makes sense. Maybe I will get the 5ths next time around. the more shoes you buy the easier this gets I think. I am leaning towards bourbon also because my grey suit is new and fits better (I actually had it altered to sort of fit-woohoo!). Thanks.
So regarding bourbon. If my daily wear is khakis and BB shirt and my dress up is a light gray or navy suit (both are window pane I think) would bourbon lexingtons be a better bet than brown? I already have cognac shoes so I am thinking of not doing chili to get away from the red tones for varieties sake.   I ask all of this after ruling out brown or bourbon 5th aves. Am I getting closer?
Wow. The price drop is making it hard not to pull the trigger. I think I have (finally) decided to get the Lexington but I don't know if the brown or the chili would be best. I like the chili color better but the brown would give me more flexibility, right? Is chili dark enough to act as merlot/burgundy?   I don't trust internet photos when it comes to shoe color.
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