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I haven't oiled/polished mine yet, Do you recommend that oil and whatever obenauf lp is before wearing them out extensively? Is there any reason I can't just lace and go? Thanks. 
Ended up with Size 10's for those who are keeping score. Slapped in a size 45 Pedag Leather slim insoles and that seemed to make up for the additional space and put a big of cushion in there. I'll post again once I know how they have broken in. Thanks to everyone who responded with feedback ! 
My 1907's size 10 were tight in the beginning, wore them with thick socks around the condo at night for about a week, then wore them outside... they are near perfect now.  The toe area breaks in nicely in the width. I applied 1 coat of Mink Oil which did help shorten the break in. 
Agree on the comment about additional length in the IR compared with other boots in the same size. Since length was about spot on with the 9.5 but the rest of the shoe was tight, I do have a question about what portion of the shoe is 'wider' with the EE.  May be a logical next step to try on the 9.5 EE before just accepting the additional length of the 10.    Thanks,   kj
Let me know how the 9.5s are.. I can def wear my 10 clarks db with no socks for a perfect fit and my nike frees are about 1 size larger than yours...otherwise we are similar in shoe type/size. Additionally, I just got the following reply back from Red Wings Cust Support. "... If you currently wear a size 10 in style 1907, you will want to stick with size 10 for the Iron Rangers..."  Seems to go against what some say on the forum..     thanks ! 
Yet another ever present sizing question. Thanks in advance for opinions and guidance. Looking to get a pair of IRs in Black Harness leather. I currently have the red wing heritage 1907s in size 10D that are broken in and fit great. I am a size 11.5 in Nike Free & Brooks; a 10 in almost everything else including Clark's Desert Boots in suede, chucks, too boot New York (dress shoes in general). After reading the forum I'm worried about leather stretching/breaking in and...
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