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For those of you wanting to see Stevenson fades, here it is in the newest Clutch magazine. Had to snap a cell phone pic. Although this is maybe one of the most high contrast fades on a Stevenson jean we've seen, the color is spot on what they look like in real life. They have that nice greenish tint that real vintage jeans have. And the cuts are phenomenal. image hosting sites
bump, PRICE DROP to $150.00
I'm selling a brand new pair of H by Hudson Angus Boots. Only tried on, never worn, still with tags. They're great boots, just don't go with my other clothes, like I thought they would. I live in Los Angeles, and can meet for local pickup. Otherwise, $150 Shipped domestically.
Hey hey. BRAND NEW Rogue Territory Stanton's in 33, 12.5oz. I've tried them on in the store and worn them around my house. That's about it. They've still got the tag on 'em. Selling because I'm looking for a slimmer fit, maybe even a smaller size, altogether. Open to trades. PRICE DROP!!! $170.00 Shipped CONUS
Price change, $140 OBO!
Hello, all. I've won a pair of Slim Jims in one size too big. Seems I always end up with the wrong size Jim. :-) They are a pre-wash called "Wet Coated". They're actually very cool, even for a pre-wash. If they were the right size, I'd keep them. They'll still fade, and have plenty of life in them. Imagine a pair of soaked Jims after a month of wear. Anyhow, take a look. PM me with any questions you may have. These retail for about $248 on revolve clothing. These are...
Price change
Okay, everyone, when I made the same mistake twice. Should have sized down. I’ve lost twenty pounds this year and am still getting used to buying a 31 instead of a 32. So buy these denimz! Slim Jim Dry Japan 32/34 They have about two, maybe three weeks of wear. Slight fading on the back pocket from wallet, none on the creases. $199 brand new. Willing to trade straight up for: SJDJ in 31/34 Grim Tim DDO in 31/34 Otherwise, $150 shipped in...
They don't look dark blue in real life. The warp thread is dyed black while the weft thread is dyed white. For some reason, the Nudie Dry Blacks always look kind of blue in photos.
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