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If you're only wearing the suit 2-3 times a year, I would say focus more on the fit of the suit more than the quality. That's not to say that you should ignore quality, but from my experiences with both companies, they're very similar in terms of construction.   If I was forced to choose a company, I would probably go to Sacoor for quality, and Dutti for fit. But that's just what works for me!
Either way, you're going to be happy. Plus, if you're anything like me, you'll end up buying both anyways. 
Shined the Harrys (They're actually Islays) for the first time. Approaching the 2 year mark.
It's been a while.  
I really like this kind of look - the colours especially. I would probably wear this during fall with a slightly darker rollneck though! 
This is awesome. 
Could you post a full fit pic of the trousers? Are you going to be wearing dress shoes? If so, wear them when you take the full fit picture. For now, I would guess that these dress trousers are already tapered, and left too long/sitting too low on your waist. Try cuffing them shorter - in small intervals - and see if your problem goes away!  
Really dig the colour combo here, well done! Deets on the shirt?   Looks good! I'd personally go without the cuff on the jeans, but that's because I wish I was taller.
I apologise for the lack of reply! It is indeed SuitSupply. A Havana in 42. Their stuff is worth a try, free shipping and returns!
Thanks. They're Loakes. In my opinion, very underrated! I seem to remember you asked my about a jacket earlier, did I reply?
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