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I ordered a soft-shouldered unstructured Tagliatore sport jacket recently from Yoox and was very pleasantly surprised at the quality. Similar to Boglioli in terms of construction, sizing, and the lay of the fabric. It is unlined with carefully taped seems, working cuff buttons, and a wonderfully soft fabric. I'm pretty thrilled by how great it looks on me.   I'm 5' 10 1/2", 152 lbs, with a 40.5 inch chest, and I usually take a jacket with a 17.5 inch shoulder measurement...
Great looks on that one, although 47 mm might be on the large side for some. The link says you can make a sapphire crystal request for $0. Any idea what that about? 
Brown tweed and blue jeans can be a great look.
Damn it, this is the poor man's watch thread.  I can get a good car for those prices.
The Japanese yen is at its lowest rate in years against the dollar. Finally pulled the trigger and picked up a "direct derivative" Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time for less than $450 new. Beauty is beauty.    
  It's true, the J Crew Ludlow is half canvassed. However, several regular posters here really don't want it to be true for some reason, so they relisted it as fused and demoted its status. 
My Titoni Airmaster Pilot is on its second strap but still keeps time to within 5 seconds a day, and I never tire of its looks. It can be had for about $400 from on-line sellers.
And if you are looking for bargains, Orinda has houses and settings like this.
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