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A real poor man's watch: stylish and cheap! And it's the stock strap!
What's the diameter?
I understand the warnings to stay away from Union Square, Fidi, North Beach, and Pier 39. But what's wrong with Soma? And what's in Outer Richmond, or am I missing the sarcasm?
  Yeah it's a quartz movement, but at $89 it's pretty damn tempting for the looks alone
That is really nice.
I say NO, it's not as bad as leaving your zipper down, but has the same general effect. On the other hand, if you want to post a photo, maybe I can be convinced otherwise.
 I bought the Capital for many of same reasons. And it turns out I find it more elegant than the Bambino; the looks in person are pretty great. It's a really stylish everyday beater watch. Ignore the watch snobs and get what makes you feel good. Go for it!
Back on sale at $79 http://www.longislandwatch.com/Orient_UG1R003W_Dress_Watch_p/ug1r003w.htm
New Posts  All Forums: