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 Pulled this 1952 gold-filled Bulova automatic off ebay a couple years ago for $160... 
That is a cool watch. Given that you can buy it directly from Sea-Gull for $195, you could always pay a few bucks more to insure authenticity.
Arrived today. The Orient Capital looks much better in person that it did on-line.   Loving the simple retro look, Dauphine hands, domed crystal, sculpted hour markers, full sized face, Japanese quality...and the $79 price.    
A great alternative, but make sure the watch has been recently serviced to avoid mega-bills for repair/service. And keep in mind that older watches were smaller, typically 32-33 mm in diameter (not including the crown), than the current fashion. Modern watches tend to be around 38-40 mm. 
At that price point, I'd go for a Seiko 5, for example the Seiko 5 SNK803 (currently $50 on Amazon). It has a stainless steel case, is water resistant to 330 feet, and has a day/date indicator. I think it's better looking, too. The Timex is probably plastic.
 Overall, this looks better, more integrated, but the shoulder on the grey jacket looks too wide. The first jacket appears to fit you better is the shoulders, which is the most expensive area to alter, although the sleeves are a little too long. Post photos with your jacket buttoned, and your arms by your side and you'll get more informed replies.
Continuing the theme: the Orient Capital's looks are classic, in my opinion better than the Orient Bambino's. The Capital sports the same retro domed crystal as the Bambino, although it has a quartz movement. A true poor man's watch, I ordered one new yesterday for $79 (!).
Of these two, I would go for the Tissot.  In general, the strap color on your watch should at least roughly match the color of your belt and shoes, so black straps and brown boots are not recommended. I think both these watches are a little dressy to go with jeans; for me, roman numerals are better suited to grandfather clocks. I find the Orient Bambino more attractive, and it is a very good value.  Orient Bambino ER24005W (domed mineral crystal) - currently about $129 on...
The Sinn 556a is one of my favorite casual pilot's watches. Sells for below $1000 for a good used model.
Which model and options worked so well for you?
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