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You've found some great candidates. Personally the 171 is a favorite. I also like the Seiko black Monster for its "tool" look; it took me awhile to buy it, but I'm glad I did. I have the old version, the SKX779, which is still available. The new version, the SRP307, has a hackable movement that can be wound, while the old version lacked these features. It is larger than the ones you're considering at 42 mm, but the face is probably similar in size -  due to the large bezel...
The Seiko SARB027 has a plain dial, but was discontinued; you might be able to find it pre-owned
You might also consider the Seiko SARB065, going for around $400 new with the strong dollar.http://www.styleforum.net/t/223261/poor-mans-watch-thread/3405#post_6811409
 Orient seems to be taking their styling cues from vintage 1960s Hamiltons 
Long Island Watch was having a sale on the Orient Capital at $79, which has apparently ended - they are selling them for $99 as I write this. Interesting they were simultaneously selling it on Amazon for $99. Maybe after Christmas they'll put the Capital on sale again. By the way, the strap is actually a very dark brown, so dark that it can almost pass as black. But it's not. http://www.longislandwatch.com/Orient_Watches_s/1834.htm
How are those Brooks Brother's slim fit chinos working out for you? Curious about the fabric and how the fit compares to other chinos.
 Pulled this 1952 gold-filled Bulova automatic off ebay a couple years ago for $160... 
That is a cool watch. Given that you can buy it directly from Sea-Gull for $195, you could always pay a few bucks more to insure authenticity.
Arrived today. The Orient Capital looks much better in person that it did on-line.   Loving the simple retro look, Dauphine hands, domed crystal, sculpted hour markers, full sized face, Japanese quality...and the $79 price.    
A great alternative, but make sure the watch has been recently serviced to avoid mega-bills for repair/service. And keep in mind that older watches were smaller, typically 32-33 mm in diameter (not including the crown), than the current fashion. Modern watches tend to be around 38-40 mm. 
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