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Thanks for ur answer. actually,i was invited to a black tie theme party but the most dressier shoe i had was a black whole cut but with medallions on toe,so this lead to another question: is a black whole cut shoe with medallions on toe Appropriate for black tie?
Hi,any experience on how to remove medallions on shoes?
Hi,can i remove an old suit's canvas and use it for bespeak a new suit?
Since the weather is getting hot nowadays,I'll probably remove my jacket's yoke lining to make it more airy. Does the yoke lining has it actual function or just to cover the messy inseam? note:my jacket is came with half lining,and it's a 8~9oz tropical wool.
Thanks for,your fast answer. technically say,if i have extra fabric,is it possible a tailor can sewn on the hole and attract the patch pocket to cover the (flaps) hole?
Hi,i'd like to know is it possible to turn a suit jacket's flaps pocket to patch pocket? A nd,the jacket has a ticket pocket on it. Another thing is,the jacket default came with a full lining,I'm thinking to have the lining replace with some vintage pattern silk and make it quarter lining,can this works? thanks for helping me.
hi guys,so i was about to pull my trigger on herring's shoe.Since this is my first time buying shoe via internet,i've sent my measurement to the seller but he cant do any help with sizing. Its F medium fit,can uk 6 fit me? My measurement width=8.8cm/3.4" length=24.7cm/9.7"
hi,thank you for your reply. cant upload any photo currently,but im pretty sure it cant be iron out.or,should i say its a "pulling" vertical line?
hi guys,there is crease on my shirt between 1st and 2nd button(below collar),it become more Obvious when i put my jacket on,can i fix it by my own?
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